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Earlier this week I tried to sum up all those groups that meet up in watering holes around town, if only so that I wouldn’t bore regular readers with drink specials they wouldn’t like.  I find it remarkable that so many groups of professionals choose to meet around bars, but I don’t like repeating myself.  I promised myself I wouldn’t write about it again any time soon.

So when I found this flyer, for a Guitar Hero Tournament taking place tonight, I decided to break my own moral expectations.  It turns out nothing on the front or back of this flyer indicates that you should drink at all.  And with the exclusion of a registration fee and “no cover charge” we get the impression that adults under the legal drinking age may indeed be allowed entry and participation.  Although this neatly does coincide with their happy hour.

Although public Guitar Hero competitions are pretty common these days, this free competition is unusually exciting because the winner will receive a Free Xbox 360, and the best performance will garner a copy of Guitar Hero 3 and Remote.  Those prizes are probably being put forth by the event’s sponsor, which is new to me (so expect a full review of the site soon).  Those who wish to give this off campus competition a shot can do so  at Lucas Park Grille on Thursday night February 28th from 9pm until (near) the break of dawn at 3am


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