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February 29, 2008 at 9:09 pm | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Video | 2 Comments
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We always wondered why SLU students were so intense academically and how they seem to be able to hold so many drinks?  This clip from SLU22, Saint Louis University’s student produced closed circuit channel, offers one explanation of both questions for students from their medical school.  It is lovingly titled “Pancakes Every Day”.

Actually this clip raises more questions than answers to both questions.  Especially following the creepy advertisement we highlighted yesterday, we’re still scratching our heads about exactly what happens on that campus.  Maybe some of us will never understand the higher reaches of academia. 

Or maybe we need more writers from a greek campus.  Any students from SLU interested in writing on this blog, if only as a guest contributor who can answer these questions, is welcome to write us – hwy 61 revised at gmail dot com .  At least one of our writers is from a greek campus, and they go to school in another town.  We hope you can enlighten us and all our readers by sharing your perspective as a student (and not just one representing your school), and the same should be said for interested students around Saint Louis.



  1. When I lived in London last year, my flatmate ended up being from SLU and was one of the brightest political minds my age I’ve ever met as well a fraternity member and one of the hardest and hilarious drinkers I’ve ever met, hands down. He interned for Parliament and I’ve rarely seen someone so naturally effective at life. Given that, the nature of SLU’s balance between academia and drinking makes all the sense in the world to me.

  2. Makes as much sense as anything I’ve ever written.

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