Senior Thesis

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Belz readsAlthough we’re all busy working on our thesis papers, even in the midst of APA-style reference building you’re going to want to step outside a bit this final essay season.  One such opportunity for a disertation of a thesis lecture of sorts will come from Aaron Belz, who will be giving a reading of his work on Tuesday.  This super-senior of the St. Louis literary scene, if you consider the Regional Arts Commission a school of sorts, will be giving a reading this upcoming Tuesday April 1st starting around 8pm.  His course, Observable Readings, has become a real fixture of the literati scene around town. Here’s how a much more capable writer, Mr. Belz himself, described why you should attend his lecture:

The show is free, and there will be wine. Free wine. Wine for which you will not have to pay. In little clear plastic cups!!

To those of you who are or might be attending my reading at Regional Arts Commission next Tuesday evening: I’ve accepted a position at a college in L.A. and will be moving out there in July. This might be the last time I get to see some of you in a while, so I hope you’ll come let me shake your hand and raise my eyebrows at you in a slightly creepy way. Remember – the reading is free, and so is the wine.

So besides the free beverages for persons of age to consume such beverges you’ll be served with readings of prose, poetry, and reading from The Bird Hoverer that have brought this writer critical acclaim.  And acceptance into school.  So if you’re looking to increase your graduate promises, you should be there too.  Or just because you’re not a slave to your studies this semester, free as bird.


A new writer and Ferry Corsten

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Wait? Who is this? Has Hwy61 been invaded? Is the very fabric of our pleasant little universe unraveling!

No, it’s just a new writer. My name is Zach Haugen, and it’s very nice to meet everyone. I am one of the new writers here on Highway 61. If you’re interested to learn more about me please visit the author’s page, otherwise I just need to say thank you to Matt and the other writers for letting me express what it is that I do.

Wednesday night I got the opportunity to see Ferry Corsten live at Dante’s on Olive Street.The show was a rare 18+ event, and although the club isn’t my normal scene the chance to see Ferry Corsten was too good to pass. I was optimistic going into the event, but coming out of it, well one word sums up my experience seeing Ferry Corsten at Dantes……bass.

The level of bass was so high much that it vibrated the folds on my jeans and punched me in the stomach on every beat. Normally big bass is what attracts crowds to an event like this, but the bass last night was simply over powering. It was so consistently over bearing that it drowned out any melody that Ferry was probably playing. After about an hour all I could hear, besides the bass, was the same techno over and over again. Now I’m very sure that he was playing different songs the entire time, but it all seemed to drown together in a big bass ocean.

Seeing Ferry at Dante’s was still an interesting experience to say the least. The club is a scene I don’t find myself in much, and I met some very fun people while I was there. Still, I paid $20.00 to stand on a dance floor in my Pac-Man munchies tee-shirt having my rib cage throttled the entire night like I was a small child. Needless to say it was an experience I hope to not repeat anytime soon.


for Friends only

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We all have mixed-emotions about Facebook, which has become as ubiquitous as Myspace in its heyday.  The social network, which began only 4 years ago on a single campus and began to extend to other colleges, today commands 69 million users and countless privacy headaches.  So just like with Myspace many people are openly expressing their aggrevation of an expanding and increasingly open network, enough that Facebook recently modified their privacy options.

Besides all of the invites you’ve been sent to add another data-mining application game, there are further privacy concerns off Facebook.  On a recent episode of Talk of the Nation – Science Friday, the concerns over public data and private access to it, including a lengthy discussion of the Facebook example.  If you or any of your friends have been considering removing content or photos that could be found objectionable by employers, you should probably give this show a listen.

There seems to be a deep generational divide about what is private or public when it is put on the internet.  We’ll leave that discussion to take place in the comments, or on Facebook.

dollar rolls

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For almost the price of a single gallon of gasoline, you can feed your friends and family with a package of so-called Dollar Rolls. It’s “fresh baked goodness”, filled with nutritional yeast and flour. As photographed at Schnuck’s Supermarket in South Hampton, in Saint Louis.


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Just like, we’re on facebook. We’ll see you on there as well.

Film Festivals we know about

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Sometimes you need to save the date or you’ll never get the time of day at all.  For that we have a calendar, but we ought to share some film festivals to look forward to this year.  Or at least these are the ones we already know about.

  • 3rd Annual African Film Festival: March 27-30th on Washington University, starting at 7pm every night in Brown  Hall, Rom 100.  Admission is FRE to each screening.
    In addition to screening these films, new this year is a Youth Program which will play in the Saint Louis Art Museum on Wednesday March 26th from 9:30am-noon and another screening on Thursday March 27th from noon-2:15pm.
  • The 3rd Anime St. Louis festival is taking place in Sunset Hillsthis year, from noon-5pm for three days starting on Friday March 28th-30th.  This year will mark their first independant celebration organzied by the Maryville Anime Club and Webster University Anime Society.  Here’s how their website explains this film festival of sorts.  More info soon.
  • Senior Overview Showing: For film students! Saturday May 1oth from 6:30pm-10pm in the Winifred Moore Auditorium on Webster University.  The organizers describe it thusly on Facebook: “The culmination of 4 years of hard work…and a whole lotta memories! These shorts (and capris) will rock your socks off, made by the Webster University Senior Film Production Majors.”  Right then.
  • IAFF and FYSTL: a review of the greatest hits of the first 3 years of the Idaho Avenue Film Festival, presented by Frontyard FeaturesSTL in the the Feasting Fox on May 31st.
  • 48-hour Film Project will begin on June 6th-8th, and screening will be announced later.  Of course, you’ll have to be there and then for your submission to be accepted at all.
  • St. Louis Filmakers Showacse will take place this year between July 19th-24th.  Submissions are being accepted between now and May 31st of 2008.
  • Idaho Avenue Film Festival is September 13th, 2008.  That is all we know.  They can tell you more.
  • St. Louis Int’l Film Festival starts on November 13th-23rd.  Submissions to this festival are being accepted from now until July 1st.

Help Get Clean Energy for MO

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RenewMOReady to dip your toe into a little local political activism? Do you feel strongly that we should do whatever it takes to provide for a cleaner Missouri? Are you in favor of getting your energy from cleaner, alternative sources? Well here is your chance to really do something about it!

Renew Missouri currently needs volunteers to collect signatures to get a Renewable Electricity Standard for Missouri on the ballot so Missourians can vote on it. To get an initiative on the November 2008 ballot, 130,000 voter signatures are needed statewide.

If you are interested in volunteering, there are two upcoming training events (from an email from Renew Missouri):

Signature Gathering Happy Hour, Friday (TONIGHT!), March 21 at 5:30 p.m. at CooperElla

Meet us in the heart of Maplewood, at CooperElla, on Friday, March 21 at 5:30 p.m. for a signature gathering happy hour. We’ll conduct a short volunteer training, and support this locally owned business. They offer sandwiches, coffee, teas, wine, and Schlafly beer products. We can practice our petitioning best practices around downtown Maplewood after the event.

Cooper Ella is located at 7401 Hazel, Maplewood, MO 63143 Click here for maps and directions.

To RSVP, please Jessica Post at 573-230-9807.

Signature Gathering Training at Wash U, Monday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m.

Join the best students activists in the region for a signature gathering training on the Wash U campus. The training is 7 pm on Monday, March 24 in Friedman Lounge, which is in the Wohl Center on the South Forty (accessible via Shepley Drive).

Nonstudents can park in metered spaces on the Wash U campus, on the left before the Wohl Center. For a campus parking map, or for questions, call Brian DeSmet at 314-727-0600.

Fesitival in motion: Kinematifest 2008

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kinecapAttention students of school, be you undergraduate, graduate, or still in high school (sorry doctors to be): You probably already have your own domain name, but now interactive media and animation students have their own festival.  Introducing the first annual Kinematifest, in which a Webster University chapter of SIGGRAPH have organized a juried collection of 2D and 3D animation, sequential art, digital compositions, and Interactive media.  Yes, that could mean you might submit your website (provided you’re still a student).

Although submission deadlines are fast approaching, the festival is on track to begin the weekend of May 2-4 at Webster University.  Since students for all schools are invited, there will be networking opportunities scheduled that weekend for students from various campuses (and off campus).  Of course all films will be screened on Webster University, most likely in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.  Check their website for further details, since it’s probably worth the LOL animation on the index page alone.

He said I never engaged in this kind of thing before

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More coming soon.

Rust-belt dot-com bust

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Only one week ago and were active in organizing bloggers and their efforts to promote and control their intellectual property.  But in an e-mail sent out last evening, it turns out their own organization is about to become a relic of Saint Louis’ social blogging network and lose their own intellectual property.  According to Liz

Goodbye so soon? Yep. Unfortunately Midwest Blogs and
will be going dark within 24 hours of this email. The personal commitment
required to maintain and further the goal of the site proved to be just
too much for us to really do it justice at this time. So we have decided
to end this venture and thank you for all of your support in this
short-lived project. Your membership and contributions were greatly

A blogger meetup is still scheduled for Sat., April 19 at Atomic Cowboy.

Farewell old/new friends. We hardly knew ye…

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