Texas vs. Washington

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We don’t usually comment on political stories, especially before important primaries; with no offense intended to those who blog on the subject, we consider our blog relatively apolitical (if only because we have about zero credibility to analyze this subject).  At least we have the common sense not endorse any candidates since the Missouri primary was particularly close in either party’s primaries.  That being said, you might consider tomorrow night’s primary to be a little like NBA Jam: Primary Edition. 

For everyone who doesn’t remember this arcade basketball classic, this 2-on-2 basketball game from the early 1990s played loose on the rules and big with slam dunks – just like politics!  The game’s creators must have made the comparison themselves, because among the hidden characters included in the game were both then President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.  According to our research Clinton’s  stats are actually all “?”s, which could be reflected likewise in the super-delegate count.  Of course these statistics are probably skewed, as Chicago’s other most famous player Michael Jordan is not playable in the game.  And although Barrack Obama is not playable in the game, considering his stretch of at least 10 successive wins we would imagine that he is “on fire!” by anyone’s definition. 

“Is it in the shoes?”  To find out, we ran a short simulation of a game between the San Antonio Spurs to represent Senator Clinton’s campaign in Texas (because the Dallas Mavericksare leaning toward McCain presumably) and the Washington Wizards to represent Barrack Obama.  (Hey, it works for the Superbowl).  And although Hillary Clinton was backed with the endorsement of Dream Team player David Robinson, the Washington Wizards held on to a narrow lead in the second half to win the game 53-48 (which we think are nearly usable as percentage points).  So depending on your political affiliation this might be the result you’re expecting this Tuesday March 2nd, although it should probably be noted the game also includes Will Smith, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, and Sub Zero as unlockable characters as well – all of whom should be available to fill cabinet positions.


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