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March 4, 2008 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Webster University, Winter | 1 Comment
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Looks like Webster University has given me another chance to use a day as I see fit.  As usual schools have been canceled all over the Saint Louis area, and everyone with a blog has expressed their short fatige for snow.  This is the kind of day where Steve Patterson would write about the inequality of clearing snow off the streets for car owners and NOT clearing snow off the sidewalks for pedestrians – we’re hoping that day is sooner rather than later (get well soon).  Especially for anyone living within walking distance of Art Hill, which if my drive on flat raods was a preview, I would predict some of the best sledding ever.

So in spite of spinning out on the drive off campus, we were surprised to learn that Boeing employees on the second and third shifts had got a snow day too.  I thought I’d keep tabs on a couple other closings off campus, which I’ll update throughout the day.

  • Drinking Liberally, which we wrote about only last night, has been canceled this week.  Vanessa Carrol wanted to add that “We hope to see you all at our next regularly-scheduled meeting on the 13th,” in an e-mail sent out to alert the cancellation.
  • Strange Brew, the Webster Film Series’ monthly screening of cult films, is so far uneffected by the snow delay.  It’s still scheduled to take place at 8pm this Wednesday, March 5th at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood [63143].  And that’s good news since this month they’re showing “Robocop” (it’ll cost you $4), of which 52nd City gave an in-depth preview. Just thought I’d share some good news today.
  • A to Z blog has at least 3 concert cancelations (including one at The Bluebird that was listed on our public calendar), and some comments reveal further music shows canceled such as the Schwag who were to play at the now closed Off Broadway.  You can officially disregard the KDHX concert calendar for today.
  • Bill Streeter’s class is has been canceled for tonight.
  • Night classes pretty much everywhere have been canceled due to inclement weather.

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  1. And we closed up shop early at Covidien. The better to get home safely.

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