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Every once in awhile I get an e-mail or press release that is too good not to share publicly, even though it has been distributed to the public at large.  In this case I received an press release from my friends at Apop Records that needs to be shared, if only because it’s mostly decipherable only by the audience who would be attracted to these events in the first place.

Tonight, Thursday March 6th 9pm. XRIN ARMS: Soul samples crushed and toyed with like submissive prisoners into deconstructed fits of digital beat fury. Fans of Realicide & digital hardcore where are you?
Backing: Miscellaneous, Etc. & PLEKO.

Friday March 7th. JUSTICE YELDHAM: Madness behind glass. It is not a shield, separating the spectators into safety, but a tentative punisher and siren of suffering wielded by the madman. Don’t look away, you can’t.
Backing: Flower of Flesh and Blood, The Miracle Worker, The Lonely Procession.

Saturday March 8th 2 pm. Free instore from Chicago’s YAKUZA.

They like to call it Apopaganda. And I get the feeling there is going to be lots of art happening on Cherokee Street in the near future, or at least this weekend.

UPDATE: Apop Records has sent a correction, telling us that Yakuza has moved to Sunday March 9th for their free in-store performance.  In the future you can always rely on our Calendar to keep you updated.


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