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stlpunk.jpgIt was the Myspace of it’s day, and every band in town used to post their show dates on it. At one point, it seemed every teenager in town had an account there; today we had trouble finding anyone who had visited the site in the last five years. is still up and running we assure you.

Upon a recent inspection of this online hangout, we were surpised to hear that although the website is down, it’s not out.  In a recent update site owner John Mancuso wrote, “The new site is coming along very well and I am really excited about it.”  More recently the site announced an official re-release date of this coming Wednesday, March 12th 2008.

Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here the whole time.  We tried contacting Mr. Mancuso for further details, but he could only reveal:

“I am unable to answer any questions at this time. I have a meeting on March 31st.  That will determine the level of the sites comes back. I will say that the site is coming back with some big changes (for the better) but that’s all I can say for now.” – John

It would appear that he would rather let this forthcoming revival speak for itself, and we have to admit we’re a little excited. Last we had heard, some entrepreneuring young punkster had bought a competing URL,, and redirected it to their group on The Circuit.  But in our collective memory, local social networking still has one name.  The bands and usernames may have changed, but the game remains the same; the St. Louis Rock’N’Roll scene might be online again in the weeks to come.



  1. That site is a joke. It’s gone downhill since Mancuso took over. That automated response you got above is a prime example of its (no apostrophe) inefficiency. Last I checked you still can’t add shows to it and half of the tabs tell you that page is “temporarily down due to the launching of the new site”… Frankly, all it seems to be is a vehicle for Mancuso Productions shows and others that I guess he feels he wants to promote. But it ain’t “back”… not unless Jerome Gaynor is running it again!

  2. That brings me back to my old days of posting negative comments on rival bands’ boards.

  3. I probably shouldn’t say more than I already have.

  4. […] STLPunk, website is undergoing the downtime we were promised will take place before the site re-launch begining around 7:00pm this Wednesday March 12th.  For  of you who like to keep tabs on these […]

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