Film Geek Week – Festival Edition

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This week more documentaries are heading our way than the True/False Film Festival was prepared to deal with.  Let’s get started right away (ie tonight) for a quick rundown of some films you might want to check out if you’re of the persuasion to call yourself a film geek.

  • KDHX recently ran a worldwide documentary challenge, and will screen some of the films from St. Louis for FREE tonight starting at 7pm.  They listed these details:

    Last week, 122 filmmakers from 16 countries set out to make a documentary in 5 days as part of the KDHX-produced International Documentary Challenge. They were assigned a documentary genre (character study, music, political, etc.) and the theme of “Change”. Tonight, we will present a free screening of the St. Louis area produced films (along with some other standouts) at the Webster Film Series.

    And with a theme like “change” you know Obama supporters are bound to show up in droves, so show up early.

  • In the Midwest, corn is a fact of life.  Enough so that addresses like exist for a reason.  And besides being in pretty much everything we eat, it shows up in other products as well.  That’s the premise behind the film King Corn, which will be screened for FREE in the Missouri History Museum on Thursday March 13th starting around 7pm.  After watching a film they describe as “Two recent college graduates embark on a mission to see where America’s food comes from,” you might want to stick around afterwards for a panel discussion of the film which could inspire you to try doing the same.
  • Oh yeah, there’s a little film festival taking place this weekend called Q-Fest.  And with the exception of a film called Itty Bitty Titty Committee, it might be little but it’s also a big deal.  This film festival celebrating diversity of cultures and sexual orientation, starts Wednesday March 12th at 8pm in the Mad Art Gallery and continues all weekend in the Webster Film Series.  Not only is this probably your best bet if you rather wouldn’t watch any more documentaries this week, but you’ll also be supporting your neighbors and getting a perspective of storytelling seldom condensed into the same place.  Check their listings for the full list of films and times.

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