Rust-belt dot-com bust

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Only one week ago and were active in organizing bloggers and their efforts to promote and control their intellectual property.  But in an e-mail sent out last evening, it turns out their own organization is about to become a relic of Saint Louis’ social blogging network and lose their own intellectual property.  According to Liz

Goodbye so soon? Yep. Unfortunately Midwest Blogs and
will be going dark within 24 hours of this email. The personal commitment
required to maintain and further the goal of the site proved to be just
too much for us to really do it justice at this time. So we have decided
to end this venture and thank you for all of your support in this
short-lived project. Your membership and contributions were greatly

A blogger meetup is still scheduled for Sat., April 19 at Atomic Cowboy.

Farewell old/new friends. We hardly knew ye…



  1. I got this email too.

    Having just joined, I was looking forward to the opportunity to network with local bloggers. I suppose there’s the old-fashioned way of surfing Twitter friends.

  2. sad story! perusing my hitlogs revealed that quite a few of the visitors to my blog found me through so it will be lame to those that opportunity for us to all find each other. is there no one out there who would be willing to take this on (without stealing our ideas to make a buck)?

  3. Hey! Add your blog to the wiki! (acutally, I already added Hwy61 as an example)

    I just started it (but it’s not mine, its EVERYONE’s), its free and democratic and community driven — its a wiki! It could be a great resource for the bloggers, if they want a community…build it there!

  4. Aw, that’s too bad. I just joined Midwest blogs a week ago, and was looking forward to the kind of community it could build.

  5. @everyone – a lot of us were still new to this blog. it’s not entirely clear what happened, and we plan on doing a follow-up

    @lori – great idea! And a good start. I made a point to break the ice tonight. And maybe we should add it to a couple other wikis?

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