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Belz readsAlthough we’re all busy working on our thesis papers, even in the midst of APA-style reference building you’re going to want to step outside a bit this final essay season.  One such opportunity for a disertation of a thesis lecture of sorts will come from Aaron Belz, who will be giving a reading of his work on Tuesday.  This super-senior of the St. Louis literary scene, if you consider the Regional Arts Commission a school of sorts, will be giving a reading this upcoming Tuesday April 1st starting around 8pm.  His course, Observable Readings, has become a real fixture of the literati scene around town. Here’s how a much more capable writer, Mr. Belz himself, described why you should attend his lecture:

The show is free, and there will be wine. Free wine. Wine for which you will not have to pay. In little clear plastic cups!!

To those of you who are or might be attending my reading at Regional Arts Commission next Tuesday evening: I’ve accepted a position at a college in L.A. and will be moving out there in July. This might be the last time I get to see some of you in a while, so I hope you’ll come let me shake your hand and raise my eyebrows at you in a slightly creepy way. Remember – the reading is free, and so is the wine.

So besides the free beverages for persons of age to consume such beverges you’ll be served with readings of prose, poetry, and reading from The Bird Hoverer that have brought this writer critical acclaim.  And acceptance into school.  So if you’re looking to increase your graduate promises, you should be there too.  Or just because you’re not a slave to your studies this semester, free as bird.


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