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The great part about night classes are that they allow you to schedule around your work, especially for grad students.  So even if you missed last Tuesday’s senior thesis lecture from Aaron Belz, you can still study under his tutelage this Thursday for a night class of sorts filed under the course name of Observable Readings.  This class session we’ll be taking notes on a more Socratic style, under the title “Eight Kates: Colby, Marvin, Ford, Greenstreet, Peterson, Pringle, Schapira, Lederer”.  According to Prof. Belz:

Kate Colby, Cate Marvin, Katie Ford, Kate Greenstreet, Katie Peterson, Kate Pringle, Kate Schapira, and Katy Lederer will fly to St. Louis and read together on one unprecedented occasion!!
Okay, so it’s not entirely unprecedented. You may remember the Ten Jens, The Five Aarons, and maybe even the Three Stephanies. But who knew there were so many Kate poets?

For those who have missed Observable Readigns in the past, here’s a copy of our notes.  You may not get any academic credit hours, but the course won’t cost you a dime.  As for the classroom, show up at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood around 8pm if you want to be marked as in attendance this Thursday, April 3rd.


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