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*post Updated with corrections

Webbies sign, wrong day


For those of you unfamiliar with the controversy brewing at Webster University, tomorrow tonight will be the 19th annual Media Excellence Awards ceremony, affectionately termed ‘The Webbies’ by the students at Webster (not to be confused with the annual award honoring well made websites). The controversy arises from changes made to the student run awards show, and the classes that had previously run things – in years past students had come together to recognize the best work of the year, and after the first few years, the event garnered the attention of those in charge of the School of Communications – the event became a large annual production, run by two classes, striving each year to outdo the class that came before – as a soon-to-be graduate of the SOC at Webster, I can say that the Webbies production class was one of the best courses, and most beneficial experiences of my education in media.

Last year politics and censorship tore the Webbies apart, and this year the event is being run without the students at the helm. To those who argue that the Public Relations class still exists, I can only say this – the work they have done is lacking, and the SOC’s own personal spin doctor, has been behind most of the goings-on this year. But I digress – my thoughts on this matter have already been made a matter of public record. I don’t want to turn this blog into my own personal rant space (at least not for this issue, as it does no good and my energy is drained on this subject) but Matt and I couldn’t resist posting these pics –

These posters were foamcore written on with markers, put up – in the rain – less than a week before the Webbies (and they were only the second advertisements we’ve seen for the Webbies this year at all). Please note that the Webbies are taking place tomorrow tonight, April 8th 7th .



Maue out

Update: Contrary what was originally posted, the Media Excellence Awards is taking place on Monday, April 7th instead of Tuesday.  It might just be an editorial oversight, or it might be further indicative of the confusion organizing this event as this article details and as visually connoted in the pictures accompanying the article. – Edited by Matthew Hurst




  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

    Jason Whitmen

  2. I saw your article in the paper. I forgot to say thanks for speaking up.

  3. @Jason – glad to hear you’re enjoying our work. i like what you wrote about internet niches, and hope this site is a good example of filling one.

    @Patrick – I’m glad Chris has a particular criticism he can speak to with knowledge, and I’m sure only Webster students like us would be interested. The real question is, why students who commute to Webster, like me, are still caught out of the loop of what is happening on campus.

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