St. Louis Hegelians

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Henry C. Brockman, a leader among St. Louis HegeliansIt is only through Hegelianism that we are to know that between Saint Louis (thesis) and Chicago and its great fire (antithesis) we will find “The future great city of the world”; although a baseball philosopher might also be able to make similar deductions, Yogi Berra has yet to make this observation.  To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hegelians in St. Louis, Webster University has taken it upon themselves to confer not just local philosophers and historians, but has called a national conference to reexamine the philosophical movements spurred by St. Louis Hegelians.  For those of you less familiar with the movement:

The St. Louis Hegelians are one of the most important movements of American cultural history. Founded in the 19th century by an eclectic set of St. Louis school teachers and amateur philosophers, this group helped bring German philosophy (especially the philosophy of Hegel) to the American continent. By adding their own unique American twist to this philosophy, the group is also responsible for taking the first major steps toward producing America’s wholly distinct philosophical tradition of Pragmatism.

Celebrating might not be pragmatic, especially given other social opportunities that Saturday, but it would be amiable to attend the lectures on Saturday April 12th which will begin at 9 in the morning.  And what location to hold this conference would be more appropriate than the Old Post Office in downtown St. Louis, which was a new fixture in the time of the Saint Louis Philosophical Society and today stands restored as a monument to pragmatic reuse.


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