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itunes friendly cover art for 52nd City\'s sound issueUpon attempting to import two CDs in my music collection into iTunes, “Sound” (compiled) by 52nd City and “In Rainbows” by Radiohead, failed to import album artwork. And while I’m glad that a favorite quarterly publication local to Saint Louis is in the good company of one of the most important bands of our time, it seems kind of a strange coincidence to would pair these albums.

On one hand is the Radiohead album: noted not just for it’s thoughtful musical compositions but also for it’s initial distribution by the band themselves over the internet; now it was being introduced to my iPod even having downloaded a copy already from myself. On the other foot was the issue of 52nd City: a publication I was introduced to because of their internet presence only to be incorporated with their printed issues today. By downloading this physical-media publication on to my iPod, I was completing some cycle of transforming this record originally meant to connect me with the local community and reintroducing it to the subjective listening experience on my own iPod.

Turns out there is supplemental aural media in the online editon of the issue, although no album artwork to be found. Anachronistically there is photography offered online, but nothing to add a cover image to my iPod. Perhaps I should make my own scan, and share it with the community for their own consumption? And if you haven’t already, consider ordering a copy of this back issue for yourself.


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