Pizza, Pizza!

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If you thought, as did I, that regional pizza chain Little Caesars had left Saint Louis for good in the late 1990s it’s time to think again. Although I found out they never really left, the opening of a new store in the Southtown neighborhood is only the beginning of a major expansion of the chain back into the local market. My childhood is still filled with as many visits to their parlors as Imo’s or any other pizza restaurant.

Just a few feet away from that newest store opening is a new, local pizza place opening named Joe Bush’s Pizza & Pub. I can’t wait to read the reviews from either new pizza parlors, joining other local favorites of ours. If you’ve visited either place since they’ve opened, we’d be interested in hearing your impressions, no matter how cheesy, in the weeks to come…


Rivers and Music at the Tap Room Tonight

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OSC LogoBackstory:

During the day, I work for a non-profit organization called The Open Space Council that works for land and water conservation in the St. Louis area. One of our biggest projects is Operation Clean Stream, a volunteer stewardship program that has gotten thousands and thousands of volunteers to clean up the Meramec River for the last 41 years. Pretty amazing. Well, we just produced a documentary called Meramec River: Miracles and Milestones documenting the success of this cleanup project in restoring the Meramec from a dumping ground back into a beautiful river.

What this means to you:

Tonight, we are showing our film at the Schlafly Tap Room at 7:00pm. The documentary is about half an hour long, and following the film we will have live music from local alt-country / folk bands Auset and Rough Shop. We are asking for a $5.00 cover charge, which will include one free beer and snacks. Proceeds will go to continued conservation work on the Meramec River. And if you have ever floated on the river (and chances are you have) then you can surely give a little back!

Yellow Posts

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Does anyone know the purpose served by these yellow posts erected around the city of Saint Louis?  You’ve probably noticed these 5 foot high pieces of infrastructure posted around street corners throughout the city, as I have.  And yet despite my research into it over the last year, I have yet to discover the purpose of these urban posts in any literature online or off.

Do they serve some sort of emergency warning infrastructure, or do they stand as a legacy to an early fire department system the community developed?  Although I am not sure the answer is on Wikipedia, WikiLou, or anywhere on the internet, I’m sure the purpose served has got to be interesting.  And if you know, I’m sure our readers would be interested.

(I have many more photos of these posts around town if anyone else is interested in this local phenomenon)


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You might have wondered why updates have been so slow in April and May.  In the last month contributors Matthew Hurst and Chris Maue have graduated from college, joining fellow Webster University graduate (and contributor) Gabe Bullard and Maryville University graduate Amy Butz in our endeavors post-graduate world.  Like many current students we got a little caught up in finals, but we hope to continue contributing to our community as we had the summer before.

Things have changed much over the year that this blog was created; for one Highway 61 is becoming in a short time.  But we hope that along with our readers we can continue contributing to the local dialog in accordance with our original mission.  As ever we are dedicated to discovering the Saint Louis metro community (on both sides of the river), often discovering the area for the first time, and passing along the latest cultural ongoings so that we know what’s going on.

We hope to contribute to a community online and off, giving the hat tip to those among us who do the same, so that the media community in Saint Louis has a direct means to bring up the relevant stories that might not be provided through a single source alone.  And so as we join the working community around Saint Louis, we hope to continue our own contribution to that landscape along the Highway 61 corridor whilst we discover it along with you for the same ride.  Thanks for your support; we’ll keep writing on as long as you keep reading and writing.

I’m just sayin’ is all…

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The Edward A Doisy Research Center on Grand is an inspiring triumph of modern architecture and a testament to the hope of medical researchers as the newest addition to SLU’s medical school.

Research Center

But in my mind that building resembles the Leonardo Tower from the Clerks animated series:

Not to mention that the Quick-er Stop reminds me of the giant Amoco sign

Non Return Glass Cans

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Hair of the Dog Monday continues, with this ad for Falstaff beer:

Contrary to this ad from a former St. Louis brewer, these bottles are now highly returnable.  Although you won’t get a return of deposit in Missouri or Illinois, please find out more about the recycling program in your neighborhood.


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Recently a friend turned me onto a great design and interactive media blog known as abduzeedo. After perusing about the blog for a few days I’ve found it to be a great resource for anyone in the interactive media field. The blog was created and developed by Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian designer from Brazil. He and several other designers and photographers write about all things media related, from photography, design, and animation. The blog is a great source for tutorials that show you how to create interesting and innovative designs, but the blog provides other resources as well. Need to know where to find great CG textures? Want to know how to create the iphone interface? How about watching a game of human tetris? It’s all on abduzeedo.

Right now abduzeedo is running a contest where two people will be selected to win a copy of’s newest product called 3D wall. 3D wall is a program that lets you create a three dimensional digital portfolio in Adobe Flash. Follow this link and comment in the post by May 1st and you may walk off with a fancy new piece of software. Or at least check out the site if you want to see the greatest font ever.
(PS, the image at the beginning of this post is one of the great designs I learned how to create by visiting

Upscale Bowling Downtown

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Matt and I went out to the Pink Flamingo Bowl on Washington Ave. last week, and were pretty impressed with what we found:

The place is pretty cool inside, with pink flamingos of various shapes and sizes adorning the walls, the bar, and several other places throughout the place – but somehow, Joe Edwards has managed to cover his new venture with pink flamingos – the very symbol of kitsch, and at the same time avoid a kitschy environment. The place is kind of classy, but relaxed feeling, and definitely aimed at the loft residents, people working downtown, and those with the common sense to avoid the overpriced bars closer to the stadium.

There’s 12 lanes of bowling with projection tvs (usually watching cartoon network when I pass by on my way to work) and surprisingly, the price of a game is about the same as any other bowling alley in town. Of course, you can rent out the lanes for an hour at a time as well (which on the weekend, wouldn’t be a bad idea, this place is usually PACKED Friday and Saturday).

Instead of the usual bowling alley fare, they have a pretty nice selection of sandwiches, appetizers, and pizza (at a fraction of the usual grease) and a well stocked (if upscale priced) bar. In addition to a pretty nice, moderately priced beer selection, they have an ever-changing selection of cocktails, and a list of aged rums as well. Of course, for me the crowning jewel at the bar was that they carry Lucid brand Absinthe (yes, real absinthe. Yes, it’s legal now. Yes, it’s actually real, google it if you don’t believe me), served in the french style at $9 a pop – now that’s a drink I don’t mind shoveling out some change for.

In all, it’s a pretty nice place if your downtown, and don’t mind spending a bit of money (but if you don’t want to lay down too much cash, they’ve got decent prices on pitchers of all your favorite st. louis beers as well). And as much as I’m downtown, I have a feeling this is going to become a new favorite spot of mine. (Hey, if it’s too pricey, they’ve also opened a new location of The Tin Can just down the street on Locust, and who can argue with that place?)

Here’s to you, St. Louis

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More than ever, in this campaign season:

Made in St. Louis, that means a lot to me. I give my best to you…

Webster Student Film Festival

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To be followed shortly by the Senior Overview Showcase on May 10th. Hosted by the Webster Film & Video Society in the Winifred Moore Auditorium on Webster University starting at 7pm. Admission is FREE and open to the public. Consider this as a Film Geek Weekend.

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