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May 3rd could be the busiest day on your social calendar…if it weren’t also finals season. So here are at least 3 ongoings around St. Louis we meant to write about (and one more we already have) but haven’t gotten around to during finals.

  • Webster University will be hosting a Global Ecology Conference, which looks a lot more interesting than that sounds. Starting at 10am learned people will be giving lecture until 5pm, including visiting professor Kumar who has organized the conference. Or you can skip class and show up for vegetarian dinner with local eats, cocktail, and famous vegan and Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich. The whole day is only $15 for students (free for Webster Students) or $25 for the general public.
  • Some enterprising business folk have organized a fiesta on Cherokee Street so that we can celebrate Cinco de Mayo (on the 3rd of May). And a couple other spots around town will be hanging up pinatas and serving cervesa this Saturday.
  • Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday. Check the site for the closest participating store near you, but we would suggest running but Star Clipper in the Delmar Loop, who will host live appearances by a pair of superheros. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the display from the 3rd annual Munny Show and pick up your free comic book.
  • Kinematifest, Webster University’s first animation and interactive media festival.  Films will be screened almost immediately following that Ecology Conference Dinner

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  1. This is an open letter to the organizers.

    This is an open letter to the organizers:

    Cinco De mayo on Cherokee Street.

    Yo this was a VERY BAD idea.

    Look I’m not against Hispanics celebrating their culture.
    I just think it would have been more appropriate to have the celebration at Benton Park.
    1) It’s bigger and MUCH prettier.
    2) Traffic and business would not have been obstructed as much.

    Saturday May 3
    All I wanted to was go shopping.
    Unfortunately Salvation Army was blocked off.
    The security guards wouldn’t let my mom and me through cuz we had cat food in our bags. Yeah I know they’re just doing their jobs.

    If you guys won’t hold the party elsewhere, could you at least let the REGULAR AND LOYAL customers go do their business without the fuss and hassle?
    That’s just NOT FAIR to us!!!

  2. sorry to hear that the festivities caused you an undue interference on just trying to get through. and this sounds like you could use some help getting your story out – care to write a guest editorial on your story this past weekend?

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