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You might have wondered why updates have been so slow in April and May.  In the last month contributors Matthew Hurst and Chris Maue have graduated from college, joining fellow Webster University graduate (and contributor) Gabe Bullard and Maryville University graduate Amy Butz in our endeavors post-graduate world.  Like many current students we got a little caught up in finals, but we hope to continue contributing to our community as we had the summer before.

Things have changed much over the year that this blog was created; for one Highway 61 is becoming in a short time.  But we hope that along with our readers we can continue contributing to the local dialog in accordance with our original mission.  As ever we are dedicated to discovering the Saint Louis metro community (on both sides of the river), often discovering the area for the first time, and passing along the latest cultural ongoings so that we know what’s going on.

We hope to contribute to a community online and off, giving the hat tip to those among us who do the same, so that the media community in Saint Louis has a direct means to bring up the relevant stories that might not be provided through a single source alone.  And so as we join the working community around Saint Louis, we hope to continue our own contribution to that landscape along the Highway 61 corridor whilst we discover it along with you for the same ride.  Thanks for your support; we’ll keep writing on as long as you keep reading and writing.


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