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May 28, 2008 at 1:51 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Photo Essay, stl | 6 Comments
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Does anyone know the purpose served by these yellow posts erected around the city of Saint Louis?  You’ve probably noticed these 5 foot high pieces of infrastructure posted around street corners throughout the city, as I have.  And yet despite my research into it over the last year, I have yet to discover the purpose of these urban posts in any literature online or off.

Do they serve some sort of emergency warning infrastructure, or do they stand as a legacy to an early fire department system the community developed?  Although I am not sure the answer is on Wikipedia, WikiLou, or anywhere on the internet, I’m sure the purpose served has got to be interesting.  And if you know, I’m sure our readers would be interested.

(I have many more photos of these posts around town if anyone else is interested in this local phenomenon)



  1. I always thought they were some sort of sewer ventilation.

  2. that’s an interesting idea. or maybe they’re related to another piece of infrastructure?

  3. They are tornado sirens!!!

    I had the pleasure of standing 6 feet from one on Friday when it went off. Holy crap… those things are LOUD.

  4. Thank you @Scott ! Theory confirmed through first hand account. I only wish we didn’t have to find out their purpose without such potentially harmful tests…

  5. They’re not tornado sirens, they’re gas vents. See these similar green ones in New York:

    • Thanks Anne, from the look of your photos, this seems right given Laclede Gas Company’s proximity to many of these natural gas vents…

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