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May 29, 2008 at 1:54 am | Posted in Etcetra | 5 Comments

If you thought, as did I, that regional pizza chain Little Caesars had left Saint Louis for good in the late 1990s it’s time to think again. Although I found out they never really left, the opening of a new store in the Southtown neighborhood is only the beginning of a major expansion of the chain back into the local market. My childhood is still filled with as many visits to their parlors as Imo’s or any other pizza restaurant.

Just a few feet away from that newest store opening is a new, local pizza place opening named Joe Bush’s Pizza & Pub. I can’t wait to read the reviews from either new pizza parlors, joining other local favorites of ours. If you’ve visited either place since they’ve opened, we’d be interested in hearing your impressions, no matter how cheesy, in the weeks to come…



  1. That’s so funny, I ran into one recently and said “What? I thought they were extinct?!” BUT, when I went to look at their website, it looks like they have round pies now! Didn’t they used to be only square deep dish?

  2. LOL. I remember the square pies, but as far as I could tell I didn’t think they serve deep dish a la Chicago-style. Fortunately, Saint Louis still has a couple good deep-dish places.

  3. There is a Little Ceaesars outpost at the K-Mart on Manchester just south of Dogtown. It’s the closest big retailer to my job so when we’ve had the occasion to go there we’ve remarked that we thought it might be the last one left in STL.

    Cheeser Cheeser

  4. we noticed the Little Caesar’s guy standing out on the street last weekend–brought back lots of high school/college memories!

    if we don’t make pizza at home, we go to pizzeria della piazza on the Hill. the deep dish is the cheesy, tomatoey stuff of dreams.

  5. Joe Bush’s is great! Some friends and I went there a couple nights ago – good live music, good service, GREAT food, good drinks, good prices. PIZZA VERY NICE!

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