“St. Louis Weather”

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Snow in the Springtime

Snow in the Springtime

Ever since I was a young lad I have heard people discuss this Midwestern city’s propensity towards extreme fluctuation in weather patterns, using the aforementioned quote in the title as a colloquial shorthand for this phenomena.  Like most Midwestern cities St. Louis is indeed to rapid temperature changes which often result in pressure changes – in the summer this brings in strong thunderstorms, and in the winter a sunny day could be the precursor to cold-air snowstorms (as seen in this photograph of snow fall on a sunny spring day).  Of course I still find it curious that people in the metro area like to treat this as a local phenomenon rather than a regional in their particular attempt to describe such everyday life as part of “St. Louis Weather”…

the sun is shining on the snow

Happy Birthday, America

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Celebrating the way you chose and want to is only one of the ways to honor the freedoms laid out in the declaration of independence.  Where you will celebrate is a means of becoming a community, and respecting our shared history.

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