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Sunday’s here again, so Highway 61 is here to drop some tasty links to go with that coffee, that you’re hopefully enjoying outside on this beautiful afternoon.

If you haven’t yet, bookmark, the official site for the office of the president-elect, Barack Obama.   Better than that, you can watch the first of his weekly YouTube fireside chats here. Change is a beautiful thing.

Jealous over Obama’s Pac-mac?  I know I am.

For those of you tired of politispeak, here’s a penguin, choosing science over death.

Speaking of science, Wired has a post on the Secret Service using super science weapons to protect the POTUS.

And speaking of using science for self defense, at gizmodo, there’s an article about a woman who fought back against a rapist by stabbing him in the neck with an iPod charger.

Turning away from tragedy, here’s a delightfully weird stop motion children’s story, coming to a theater near you.  While we’re at it, here’s another shocking image.

I found some great decorating ideas for my apartment, and saw an intriguing request by a woman for someone to help make her into a cyborg.

The future is terrifying place indeed.

Also,  as pretty as this looks, I’m really upset that they’re CHANGING THE ENDING to the Watchmen for the theatrical release.


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