STL Old School Tattoo Expo

November 16, 2008 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Events | Comments Off on STL Old School Tattoo Expo
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tatoo expoToday marks the last day of the Saint Louis Old School Tatoo Expo, hosted at the Holiday Inn downtown.  It’s not too late to swing by, the expo stays open until 8pm tonight.  Check out their website here.

My friends and I have wanted to see the expo for the past few years, and this time we finally broke down and dropped the 15 bucks on an entry fee.  The expo was neat, and although it wasn’t quite what we expected, there were a lot of cool artists displaying impressive work there.   Having been though, I wouldn’t recommend attending unless you’re on the market for a new tattoo artist.


I stopped by yesterday after the Prop 8 protest with a few friends of mine, and we snapped a few neat pictures.


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