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For this week’s tasty snack to go with that peppermint mocha frappacino, (or peppermint schnapps and folgers, we don’t judge here)   we’ve localed it up for those of you who might not have known about, or might have forgotten, all the blogs based right here out of STL.

Riverfront Times has their A to Z music blog…

of course Euclid Records has their own, smaller scale blog

Patrick Vacek reviews all the shows (and old records) he can fit in a day

His brother Brian Vacek reviews every film ever

Dividing by Zero adds it’s own 2 cents on the music scene here

Saint Louis Magazine takes on the arts in STL

and of course Lo-Fi STL is always a great thing to watch.

and as always, hours can be spent following the links in the KDHX collective.

Of course, there’s always something wonderful on boingboing, wired, and viceland as well.



  1. You can find most of these blogs in our blogroll of course, but it’s also worth noting that most of those blogs have been friends to this one over the last year. Thank you for sharing the link love.

    Also, you should find the 61revised feed as part of the KDHX collective from the very beggging. I am proud to that has become part of a community based media.

  2. […] Highway 61 […]

  3. […] Highway 61 […]

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