Highway 61 Revised is an online magazine written @ the cross-section of the city of St. Louis and youth culture. As the name implies, Highway 61 is both a reference to the seminal record of Bob Dylan’s passed down by generations of college-aged students and a physical route tied to the history of blues music running through prominent parts of St. Louis.

Established by the musing of two former WebsterBloggers.com contributors, Highway 61 expands upon that experience to include a plethora of voices offering insights, giving us the heads up, expressing their perspectives, and sometimes just letting us know what is happening in town.

Highway 61 is a collective online magazine about what it is like to live in St. Louis, written by people who are still trying to identify what defines that experience. That being said, we’re always looking for new contributors, much less readers (like us).

Hwy 61 Revised at gmail dot com


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