Former Staff

Former Staff

Gabe on the lookoutGabe Bullard

Gabe’s interest in St. Louis media started the day he heard Jack Buck announcing the Cardinals on KMOX while living in his native Kentucky. Now a 14-year veteran of the St. Louis area, Gabe dabbles in web production, radio production, photography, record reviewing, interactive media, and cartooning.

Matt eating thai foodMatthew Hurst

Matt Hurst is a college-educated film student, whose journalistic experience includes contributing to His self-publishing experience under various pseudonyms is not nearly as well documented, though easily obtainable to any interested parties. Matt dabbles in pundritry, photography, blogging, music production, prose, and general revelry.

Lauren Reid

I’m Lauren Reid and I have pretty hair and makes faces all day long. People tell me I am a journalism major, but they also say I smell funny. Sometimes people ask me to writ

e a little about myself, but then I just pretend I’m some sort of Egyptian/raptor icon. Sometime when I get around to notcing this little piece of text, I’m gonna be real sore. When Lauren isn’t writing for Highway 61, sometimes she lets other people write her bio.


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