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While we’re on the subject of last minute events,   

The Mad Art Gallery is having an exhibition/auction tonight, put on by the Barnes-Jewish College Student Government and Student Nurses Association.  Titled “To Kenya With Love,” the auction will raise money to fund the newborn ward at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.   

The event begins at 7pm, ends at 11, and is free to the public.


Wall Ball

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Even if you’re an art major I highly doubt you’ve been in a studio where 40+ artists throw down a painting in less than 4 hours.  You’ll get just such an opportunity during the 5th Annual Wall Ball, along with a myriad of music, drinks, and cupcakes.  You can throw out your plans for that Saturday April 5th from 7-11 like they were a ball against a wall, and maybe next year you’ll be bouncing back. This ball will be held between the walls of the Third Degree Glass Factory.

And it’s for a good cause – the South City Open Studio & Gallery for Children – which is why it’ll set you back $30 to get into this annual fundraiser.  But loyal reader Amy VanDonsel offers these encouragements to support your local artists:

You can even buy my painting (or a painting by one of those 39 other people) or get yourself a t-shirt printed with your choice of designs by the various artists. (Yes, there is indeed an AVD design.) There will also be drawings, auctions, a cupcake raffle, DJs, appetizers, cocktails… That’s right, a CUPCAKE raffle. I have no idea what exactly that is, but it sounds awesome to me. Seriously, where else do you have to be? Are there cupcakes and live art there? I very much doubt it.

Although I’m pretty sure that a cupcake raffle is probably just a snack size version of a cake raffle, it still makes art sound delicious. There will be an after party at the Atomic Cowboy, which would set you back $3, unless you already had a wristband from the Wall Ball – in which case admission will be free.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS – Live Nude(s and) Corpses!

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Tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing Body Worlds 3 at the Science Center for the second time. After my first visit, during which I awkwardly tried to sketch some of the pieces (do I even refer to them as that? I guess it’s better than calling them corpses) I agreed with many of my friends in one respect – as interesting as it was, I probably wasn’t going to come back.

The first time I went, the place was crowded, photography wasn’t allowed, and although the people monitoring the exhibit repeatedly told people that they were free to move about, and that they weren’t in a line, I nonetheless received several dirty looks from people in the crowd who seemed to think that they were. On top of all that, the frat-boy idiots who entered ahead of me seemed more interested in giggling and pointing at the genitals of each person (loudly at that) than in actually looking at anything.

Why would I possibly want a second round at that? Well tonight, the Science Center hosted a special event – Body Worlds Artists Night! The admission was reduced, there were far less people meandering about the exhibit, and the good people at the Science Center encouraged all mediums to be brought and used – As I sat down (in the optional chairs they provided) to sketch out one of my favorites, the star warrior (a winking corpse with alternating bands of skin, exposed muscles, and bones) I found myself in the company of people using charcoal, pens, pencils, and even some setting up portable easels and painting. Live nude models patrolled the grounds as well, stopping and posing near the sculptures for 25 minute intervals, allowing people to compare the inner, and outer structure of the human body – not to mention the surreal spectacle of a bunch of naked people striking bizarre poses next to skinless corpses.

The best part is, that due to the success of the exhibit, the Science Center will be hosting a second Artists Night, on Tuesday February 19 from 7pm until 9pm. Tonight, I just walked in (and thanks to my art teacher, got in free) but if you want to reserve tickets ahead of time, you can here. Whether you’re a seasoned artist, a beginner, an amateur, or just someone looking for something different to do on a Tuesday night, this was a great time – although, as the last of us filed out of the building, I couldn’t help but notice how creepy that display is at night.

Craft Me an Indie Boy, Please!

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My friends know I like to be crafty. Hell, it’s in my blood. Whether its buddies insisting on feeding me with beers in exchange for sewing on a button or two or whipping up a new dress for myself, I love to say “Thanks, I made it.” For years, I’ve been a regular drifter, sometimes poster on Craftster, Etsy, Instructables, BurdaStyle…trust me, the list goes on.So between Mardi Gras stints, I’m hoping to substitute one holiday’s celebration for an early nod to another at Indie Valentine this Saturday. It’ll be a good chance to check out some creative locals and get away from both the drunks in Soulard and cheesy Hallmark cards that seem to take over the holiday. Needless to say, I’d like to check it out after my disappointing lack of attendance at the Rock N’ Roll Craft Show a couple months ago…In case you’re too drunk from the Fête events to make it (don’t forget, they’ll have a bar at the craft show too!) and can’t make it, here’s a mini-mix to craft to (while or while not on the juice).Lo-Fi Mellow Mode – A SideSew What – Secret Saturday Neutral Milk Hotel – Everything IsFlight of the Conchords – If You’re Into ItJeffrey Lewis – Back When I Was 4 (YouTube Link) You’re Feeling Poppy? – B SideScissors for Lefty – Next to ArgyleThe Sewing Circle – Apparition Over NurembergArt Brut – Pump Up the VolumeBlank Canvas – Contained But Not ControlledOf Montreal – Art Snob Solutions 


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I have never had a huge urge in my life for politics. Sure, I don’t discount debates or look down on its importance in our world, I’m just not one for incessantly arguing topics with firm minds. So, while Matt checks out his mock-caucus at the Royale tonight, I thought I’d offer an artistic alternative (yet still keeping with the political theme).

Enter George Caleb Bingham and his painting “The County Election.” The exhibit shows the make-up of the entire painting through preliminary sketches. The website even has a neat game to match the preliminary sketches to the elements in the final product. Art in politics, politics in art!

George Caleb Bingham: The Making of “The County Election” is located in the Cohen Gallery (313) and runs until March 9th.

RockNRoll Craft Show – The Mixtape

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mainheader.gifmainheader.gifmainheader.gifIf you haven’t already made your plans to attend it already (no thanks to us), you ought to know about the 4th go around for the Rock N Roll Craft Show will take place this weekend.  For those unfamiliar with the show (including myself), about 90+ artists will contribute their unique creations and cultural produce, including several bands who will contribute their well crafted sound sounds.  It’ll all go down this Satuday December 8th from noon-9pm and again on Sunday the 9th from noon until around 6pm, taking place in the Mad Art Gallery (63118).  There will be demonstrations and classes each day, not to mention the hourly raffles from the event sponsors.

To help kick off this homegrown scene, we decided to put on our craftypants and throw together a little mixtape so you can get prepped for the sounds this weekend, or at least give you something else to listen to while making the rounds.  But we couldn’t keep the excitement to ourselves, so we teamed up with Courtney Watson to round out the sound.  As with all good mixtapes, this one comes in two distinct flavors: Side A provided right here, and Side B from Courtney.  And if you’re really excited, we’ve thrown in some Bonus Tracks to make your own mix-craft.

Side A:

 The Ottomen – Rock and Roll Christmas
Bargain Basement – Headache in My Heart
Broadcast – Black Cat
(uncredited) – Music for all kinds of fun (via Beware the Blog)
Gentleman Auction House – Blissful Things Go
Applied Communication – Awesome Fantasies (via Just Sayin’ is All)
Tiger Army – Power of Moonlite (via Fangbear)

Extra Credit/Bonus TracksBarefoot Jones – Oversleepin’, Lenny Mink – Crazy Sara, Raw Earth – Dead Man (Dylan cover), Beck – Forget Marie

Side B: Flip the tape over to

Kim Jong Ill vs. Mickey Mouse

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So it’s really nothing like that, but the Wash U’s Kemper Art Museum (Skinker and Forsyth) is hosting a showcase of Korean comics. From their description:

Korean Comics: A Society through Small Frames features works by twenty-one of North and South Korea’s most talented cartoonists, drawn from the 1950s to the 1990s. On display in the Museum’s Teaching Gallery, this collection of comics provides a decade-by-decade glimpse at the evolving social realities in contemporary Korea, ranging from popular children’s entertainment to aggressive forms of political commentary.   

  The exhibit is open until December 17th, so take your time. If you want company, I’m planning on going fairly soon. 


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When the Bluebird opened this summer, we knew one of Saint Louis’ newest venues had something special but unidentifyable going for it.  Sure we saw an ever expanding list of Saint Louis’ best connected bands and some national acts worth merit, but the large space seemed to merit other uses.  You could see the band posters on the walls from shows exisiting before the venue, proud framed in the back espousing their prestigeous ambitions from local artists.

This week those framed pieces will be joined; the concert space will become in part on art gallery during Silia Silias.  Featuring original artwork by 40 artists themed around the bluebird (the creature, not just the venue’s namesake), including one from Highway 61 reader Amy Van Donsel.  Even if you’re not interested in attending the art premier there will be a show starting at 10pm featuring local musicians, like birds of feather Nite Owl.

 It all starts this Wednesday night, Octopber 3rd around 8pm (with the show starting at 10), for a mere cover of $7.  That’s a bottle of beer at most art galleries, though you won’t pay nearly as much at their bar.  And while the flyer (see right) might look like a bookmark, we don’t anticipate a book reading so soon.  Then again, we never knew this little venue would grow up so fast.

Strange Folk

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People are strange, so don’t be a stanger at the Strange Folk  indie arts and crafts festival in O’Fallon Park this Saturday.  I haven’t been the most active neighbor and nearly forgot to write about this show, which will feature over 100 vendors unique projects involving things you can actually use;for examples this stuff is Readymade.  They even made a blog, but somehow slipped under my internet benabled radar.

If you’re into customized bags, lunch boxes, and DIY Ipod cases (among other things), you’ll probably find something like that only better while you’re there.  Those who need less crafty reasons to show up (besides the tote bag giveaway) might enjoy gnoshing down on some gyros and fresh fruit from Eckert’s while listening to DJ Mad Martian manning the turntable decks all afternoon.  Plus we hear they’ll be giving away stuff that isn’t just swag all afternoon.  And tote bags.

To say nothing of fine crafts!  It all takes place this Saturday, September 22nd between 10-6pm in O’Fallon Park (that’s in the IL, no MO), where faces come out of the rain.  And bring a friend, because “faces look ugly when you’re alone”.  And I’m pretty sure the show has nothing to do with the Doors.  Still, we should go.

This kind of Art Show (local)

September 7, 2007 at 1:43 pm | Posted in Art Show, Matthew Hurst | 3 Comments

Art Outside logoNot to overshadow that kind of art show, but like our friends at 52nd city we have become negligent in writing about this kind – the third annual Art Outside.  This juried art fair by invitation only showcases the best local artists in a variety of mediums (sculpture yes, but also music), including some of our friends like Amy Van Donsel who could be yours. 

At the least you might become a fan of these local artists, performers, and organizations this Friday evening, September 7th starting around 5pm, and continuing through Saturday the 8th around 10pm.  It will take place once again at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood.

And if you’re looking for another kind of Art Show entirely, don’t forget to check out the Saint Louis Art Fair, which actually takes place in downtown Clayton (63105).  An art show of that variety is actually one of the best fine art fairs in the country, bringing national artists locally in the exact opposite attraction to the fair mentioned prior.  We think that leaves something for everyone this weekend.

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