Dewey Decimal Drinks

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If it seems like there is a night for everyday of the month which a group shares drinks for every subculture not big enough to open their own bar, its probably because there is.  You’ve been a liberal drinker for the causes you support and you’re particular about the environment that you drink in, but what if you would prefer to look up the right watering hole in the card catalog? 

You’ll probably find it filed under new to us (and maybe old news to you) using the Dewey Decimal Drinks system.  This monthly meeting of librarians, bibliophiles, and literati will be bringing drinks in tow with what Curious Feet St. Louis describes as:

a low key evening…formulaic romance novel mad libs for your entertainment, and there’ll be somethin’ along the lines of Barbarella or Attack of the 50 ft Woman on TV for your enjoyment. Because there is nothing more romantic than gigantic, murderous women and bookish mad libs, if you ask me.

And with a tag line like “because reading is for lovers”, you’d best be prepared to bring your stylish frames and not your daily reading glasses, or else hope that beer goggles will be distributed.

If the promise of clinking glasses of many varieties and the musk of trashy acid-free paperback novels isn’t enough, this month’s meeting will take place in The Sci-Fi Lounge who are known to only open their doors to that which will be truly awesome (and if you don’t believe me, take Bill Streeter’s word for it from almost exactly one year ago).  Those doors open at 8pm this Thursday February 21st, which gives you plenty of time to cook your own dinner since only some pizza and hipster-handgrenades will be made available for those who don’t.  Or at least a little extra time to catch up on your reading.


A last minute first…

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For all those looking for a last minute Wednesday night activity, Legacy Books and Café in the Loop is hosting a (presumably free) showing of No Volverán – The Venezuelan Revolution Now! Tonight at 7pm. After the screening, a panel (including Webster University’s resident socialist political science professor Dan Hellinger) discussion will follow.

However, for those not interested in an evening of modern socialist theory, swing by to find out what else might be happening in the city tonight.

Used books alert

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One more reason to visit your local bookstore instead of relying on – limited time offers that aren’t hidden, but rather put in the forefront.  This week Subterranean Books has a sale on used books: 75% off (all of them). One week only, until this Sunday, October 7th.

Of course St. Louis has a number of great used book stores, many of which sell books currently out of print.  Subterranean is only one of those bookstores, located on the Delmar Loop.  You should probably already have heard about the store, since it just won Best Bookstore (indepdenant) in the RFT’s annual “Best of St. Louis” issue for something like the 5th time in past 7 years.

Of course the used books at this store were already bargains (for the most part), so we suggest paying this sale a visit for that book you’ve eyed up the last couple times but put off until you had more money and time.  You might have the money now, but time only means someone else finds it first.  Finders keepers.

Harry Potter Spoilers…

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…are not in this post. Because I don’t know any of them, or really feel like searching around for them. I could make some up if you’d like. But with the hype of the last book, and the hush-hush matter that the die hard fans tried to keep quiet, I thought it would be fun to check up on some of my favorites of the spoiler “moments” that people posted last year:


Tom Hanks really gets into it

And if you are excited about the book release, you probably already know about the pre-parties going on at book stores and libraries all around town. In my opinion, the events at Left Bank Books sound the most promising to me, so that’s where I’ll be heading with the rest of my Pot-terhead fans (plus, the butterbeers and ice creams were calling my name). They’re having a whole street festival, turning North Euclid into a virtual Diagon Alley.

Stick It Up Your Pond

July 12, 2007 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Books, Gabe Bullard | 3 Comments

Happy Thoreau day. 190 years ago today David Henry Thoreau (later changed to Henry David) was born.  

Now log off and go simplify. Post your T-Day exploits in the comments and a prize will be awarded to the best one.

Words of Advice

July 10, 2007 at 10:31 am | Posted in Books, Lauren Reid, Media | 1 Comment

Journalistic advice

“Can you write some advice to an aspiring journalist?”
“Is that you?”
“Yeah. I’m in broadcasting.”

With a grin, he immediately hunched over my copy of Chuck Klosterman IV, writing frantically with his black sharpie. I wondered if it would bleed through the thin pages.

I think his words are going to push me through Broadcast II next semester when I’m feeling despondent and need to hear something encouraging. Thanks Chuck, you’ve already made my semester.

Chuck Roast? Au Contraire

July 4, 2007 at 9:29 am | Posted in Books, contest, Events, Lauren Reid | 2 Comments

You may have heard of my good buddy Chuck Klosterman. In fact, we’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights together. He’ll keep me up until the wee hours with bedtime stories – well, more like intellecutal essays – ranging from his life as a Sim or why he hates soccer so much. Each piece could serve well to spur your imagination and conversation.

Thursday, July 5th we’ll actually have a date together at the Mad Art Gallery, and I can’t wait.*

We share one distinguishing trait – overanalysis. Chuck (yes, I’d like to think we’re on a first name basis; and no, I’m not completely sure that I’ve been saying his last name correctly over the years) can turn something glanced over by many and construct it into a complicated and in depth analysis on culture or psychology. Through these ideas, his writing style is one to keep you interested. A firm chokehold on the neck of the English language forces it to scream “Uncle” in his wake, and scattered footnotes further his humorous commentaries. Not to mention that Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs is organized into a mixtape format, with chapter titles as playcount times and a bootleg CD title page.

So, all in all, vis a vie, this and that, I anticipate the reading to be one not to be missed. Give this guy the audience he deserves. I know I will.

Get to know Chuck Klosterman through his own words:
Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota
Sex Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto
Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story
and most recently
Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas
I imagine his next collection will be called Life as The Chuck: I Really Love Using Subtitles.

PS: If you pick ip IV at Left Bank Books, they’ll give you two tickets to the event! Cocoa puffs will be provided to snack on, and the man himself will judge a Jimmy Page look alike contest, so don’t forget to curl those locks and bring your best guitarist gleams.

*Granted, he’ll still have no idea who I am. He’s probably just here for the extra cash another tour date could bring rather than my own personal hopes and dreams.

To All A Good Bloomsday

June 13, 2007 at 5:36 pm | Posted in Books, Events, Gabe Bullard | 1 Comment

Dateline, June 16th, I get up, throw open my window shutters and yell to a young newspaper boy:

“You down there, what day is it?”

“Today, why it’s Saturday.” 

“No you illiterate fool, it’s Bloomsday.”

Okay, so that never happened, but this Saturday is my big chance. 

With Bloomsday (the day in which James Joyce’s Ulysses takes place) just around the corner, how will you celebrate? Well, if you’ve never read Ulysses or if you have and you want the experience of hearing it, the good folks over at Subterranean Books are hosting a live reading of the novel in the store, from 11am to 10pm, with festivities (if that’s the right word to describe a reading of this tragic epic) moving elsewhere when the store closes. I’ll be there with my eyepatch and derby, will you? 

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