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For this week’s tasty snack to go with that peppermint mocha frappacino, (or peppermint schnapps and folgers, we don’t judge here)   we’ve localed it up for those of you who might not have known about, or might have forgotten, all the blogs based right here out of STL.

Riverfront Times has their A to Z music blog…

of course Euclid Records has their own, smaller scale blog

Patrick Vacek reviews all the shows (and old records) he can fit in a day

His brother Brian Vacek reviews every film ever

Dividing by Zero adds it’s own 2 cents on the music scene here

Saint Louis Magazine takes on the arts in STL

and of course Lo-Fi STL is always a great thing to watch.

and as always, hours can be spent following the links in the KDHX collective.

Of course, there’s always something wonderful on boingboing, wired, and viceland as well.


Links with Your Coffee

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Sunday’s here again, so Highway 61 is here to drop some tasty links to go with that coffee, that you’re hopefully enjoying outside on this beautiful afternoon.

If you haven’t yet, bookmark, the official site for the office of the president-elect, Barack Obama.   Better than that, you can watch the first of his weekly YouTube fireside chats here. Change is a beautiful thing.

Jealous over Obama’s Pac-mac?  I know I am.

For those of you tired of politispeak, here’s a penguin, choosing science over death.

Speaking of science, Wired has a post on the Secret Service using super science weapons to protect the POTUS.

And speaking of using science for self defense, at gizmodo, there’s an article about a woman who fought back against a rapist by stabbing him in the neck with an iPod charger.

Turning away from tragedy, here’s a delightfully weird stop motion children’s story, coming to a theater near you.  While we’re at it, here’s another shocking image.

I found some great decorating ideas for my apartment, and saw an intriguing request by a woman for someone to help make her into a cyborg.

The future is terrifying place indeed.

Also,  as pretty as this looks, I’m really upset that they’re CHANGING THE ENDING to the Watchmen for the theatrical release.

Bloggers Guild

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This looks interesting, so I’ll just let this project describe itself.

St. Louis Bloggers Guild

Links with Your Coffee

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Every week we read over 100 local bloggers and check up on local sites so we can keep up on the down low, and then we share the best posts with a recurring feature we can Links with Your Coffee.  From the very start these coffee links have been part of our civic duty; We consider this an important part of building our community online, and it also helps us cover stories for our audience that is outside the niche of what we like to write about.

But this week we’d like to invite our readers to participate in an experiment, a sort of public beta testing of a feature we’re hoping to add as it’s own page on the new site.  This feature takes some time to put together, so we’ve experimented with auto-blog posting which turned out to be a little robotic of a read.  We also have trouble adding friends of ours to the blogroll, since every time we add another blog it detracts from the attention we think every member of our blogroll deserves; so when Jeff Kopp asked us to add TiRC to the roll, even we thought it was already in the mix. 

We think this might be a good compromise, in which we can use Google Reader to share some of the stories and news we think our readers would want to know about as we read them everyday.  And we can use this as a sort of social bookmarking if anyone wants to suggest a story to share with other readers (if you’re using google reader yourself that is).  With the stories in one frame of the page, we can use the other gutter to display an updated blogroll divided into relevant categories. 

You can think of it sort of as Social Blogrolling, and we’d love to hear your thoughts about using this feature.  We asked Archy about adding this to the new site, and they said it was alright.

Links with Your Coffee

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chris using a Coffee Press (brought to you by WordPress)With the videos finally uploaded, and FlickR photostreams being populated, the internet can safely chalk up this last week as a success for Diggnation and Highway 61 – and a moral victory for everyone in Saint Louis who survived cabin fever.  Now that last week’s live taping of Diggnation has been released for public consumption, the world will once again rejoice in their ability to pass along valuable links to stories.  To celebrate the victory of hyperlinks we thought we’d pass along a few of our favorite stories from the past week (or so) for a recurring feature we call Links with Your Coffee.

And so next time you get snowed it, or just landlocked in Saint Louis, you can always warm up over some Links with Your Coffee.

Lay overs

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On top of a monstrous list of canceled classes and events this last week, you can add this week’s episode of Diggnation.  The show, which was taped in front of a live audience last Wednesday, had originally been scheduled to be broadcast at 7pm this Friday February 22nd.  But since the ice storm left so many flight grounded, that show has been delayed in its premier.  Instead they’re offering this teaser episode filmed in Lambert Int’l Airport, or what better might be Diggnation STL proper if you prefer.  And for extra credit you can read their own harrowing account of braving the Free-Wi-Fi-less Winters of St. Louis stuck in their weather related lay over.

In other winter weather related news:

Social Media Club STL

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Calling all Blogerati!  Alert the Internet!  Better yet just tell your friend Tom about the Inaugural gathering of the Social Media Club St. Louis.  With a name like that you would’ve expected to have heard about their meeting, which will take place @ Kaldi’s Coffeehouse in Kirkwood this Saturday February 23rd at 3:30PM, through one of your existing social networks already.

According to the Social Media Club home site, from which this local chapter will be established

Social Media Club is being organized for the purpose of sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy around the emerging area of Social Media.

So while there we the blogerati will determine tomorrow’s headlines in the New York Times, conspire to overthrow the government, and control the weather so that we might make blog posts about it.  Or we might just trade some links, friend each other on The Circuit, and make a Facebook group for our club’s chapter.  And because unlike our friends at Virtual St. Louis blog many of our readers are still below the age of wisdom (although we probably shouldn’t write about so many drinking events in that case), we’ll be encouraging our fellow media literacy advocates to keep their meetings open to the under 21 crowd while enjoying Links with our Coffee.

Links with Your Coffee

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Links with Your Coffee

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As part of our New Year’s Resolution, Highway 61 (revised) will try to be clever again.  Until then please enjoy the next best thing: borrowed wit.  Here’s some links to enjoy over a cup of coffee.

  • Please welcome Highway 61’s newest contributor: Chris Maue.  Of course I’ll let him introduce himself, but even before we hear from him, perhaps you’d be interested in joining our blog as well.  According to this job listing I wrote on The Circuit, free beer is involved for frequent contributors.  That must have been an editorial oversight.
  • Although another closure has been and will be on everyone else’s mind, Thomas Crone hasn’t taken his eye off the ball since Tucker was closed downtown.  Further yet, he decision to photo document this unique subterranean Hooverville is available for public consumption.  It may break your heart, which you can eat out online, but unless you’re planning a trip yourself, it’s probably as close as you’re going to get.
  • It’s only been four years since the entire area anticipated some sort of tourism deluge from the bi-centennial of those two illustrious explorers of the Louisiana Territory that every student in the state of Missouri is required to learn about.  That being said, who knew Illinois shared a similar enthusiasm, or at least monumental rivalry (pun intended).  B.E.L.T has the details on a modernist landmark called the Lewis and Clark Memorial Tower somewhere on the east side.
  • Steve Patterson must have read our minds about the iconography of the Mall Santa this past week, as he found a unique holiday post.  For some reason I’m pretty sure this television series was better based in Saint Louis than Chicago.  See for yourself.
  • The trouble with making new year’s predictions is well documented.  That being said let’s give this week a little perspective with St. Louis’ soon to be most popular blog over the next few weeks, Highway 40 insight, who are predicting it’s going to be alright.  In the meantime have a laugh at your own expense as our friends with that blog flex their geek cred this year.

Links with Your Coffee Sunday

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