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You might have wondered why updates have been so slow in April and May.  In the last month contributors Matthew Hurst and Chris Maue have graduated from college, joining fellow Webster University graduate (and contributor) Gabe Bullard and Maryville University graduate Amy Butz in our endeavors post-graduate world.  Like many current students we got a little caught up in finals, but we hope to continue contributing to our community as we had the summer before.

Things have changed much over the year that this blog was created; for one Highway 61 is becoming in a short time.  But we hope that along with our readers we can continue contributing to the local dialog in accordance with our original mission.  As ever we are dedicated to discovering the Saint Louis metro community (on both sides of the river), often discovering the area for the first time, and passing along the latest cultural ongoings so that we know what’s going on.

We hope to contribute to a community online and off, giving the hat tip to those among us who do the same, so that the media community in Saint Louis has a direct means to bring up the relevant stories that might not be provided through a single source alone.  And so as we join the working community around Saint Louis, we hope to continue our own contribution to that landscape along the Highway 61 corridor whilst we discover it along with you for the same ride.  Thanks for your support; we’ll keep writing on as long as you keep reading and writing.


I’m just sayin’ is all…

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The Edward A Doisy Research Center on Grand is an inspiring triumph of modern architecture and a testament to the hope of medical researchers as the newest addition to SLU’s medical school.

Research Center

But in my mind that building resembles the Leonardo Tower from the Clerks animated series:

Not to mention that the Quick-er Stop reminds me of the giant Amoco sign

Webbies Watch ’08

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*post Updated with corrections

Webbies sign, wrong day


For those of you unfamiliar with the controversy brewing at Webster University, tomorrow tonight will be the 19th annual Media Excellence Awards ceremony, affectionately termed ‘The Webbies’ by the students at Webster (not to be confused with the annual award honoring well made websites). The controversy arises from changes made to the student run awards show, and the classes that had previously run things – in years past students had come together to recognize the best work of the year, and after the first few years, the event garnered the attention of those in charge of the School of Communications – the event became a large annual production, run by two classes, striving each year to outdo the class that came before – as a soon-to-be graduate of the SOC at Webster, I can say that the Webbies production class was one of the best courses, and most beneficial experiences of my education in media.

Last year politics and censorship tore the Webbies apart, and this year the event is being run without the students at the helm. To those who argue that the Public Relations class still exists, I can only say this – the work they have done is lacking, and the SOC’s own personal spin doctor, has been behind most of the goings-on this year. But I digress – my thoughts on this matter have already been made a matter of public record. I don’t want to turn this blog into my own personal rant space (at least not for this issue, as it does no good and my energy is drained on this subject) but Matt and I couldn’t resist posting these pics –

These posters were foamcore written on with markers, put up – in the rain – less than a week before the Webbies (and they were only the second advertisements we’ve seen for the Webbies this year at all). Please note that the Webbies are taking place tomorrow tonight, April 8th 7th .



Maue out

Update: Contrary what was originally posted, the Media Excellence Awards is taking place on Monday, April 7th instead of Tuesday.  It might just be an editorial oversight, or it might be further indicative of the confusion organizing this event as this article details and as visually connoted in the pictures accompanying the article. – Edited by Matthew Hurst


Asking Archy

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We’re getting really excited for the Lo-Fi Saint Louis Reset Party on March 8th; excited enough to write another post about the night.  But since it would be impolite to repeat ourselves, maybe it’d be more fun to share one of our favorite clips from  You might call it the official promo for Lo-Fi’s original launch party:

And then we remembered that Lo-Fi has had trouble in the past with off-site coping of their original work.  So we wondered if it was something in the name of the site that might make it hard remember to link back and give them credit, but it has never the less been a successful website.  So we asked the best source for answers on the Internet, Archy, if “does adding STL in your website name make you more successful?”  For some reason Archy didn’t have any answers.

Almost all of the more successful sites that focus on Saint Louis, or at least those without a major media outlet to launch them with, use the prefix “STL” in their title:,,, and even  Television station KTVI even went so far as to rebrand their website under the moniker  That isn’t to say that “STL” is synonymous with great (or poor) content, and we can think of a few notable exceptions to this rule, only that websites with a local focus tend to gravitate towards using that prefix in their names to attract their civic minded readers.

This three letter prefix, which is nearly indecipherable to those from outside the metro area, has sufficed where other local references are rarely attempted.  That is to say why not use an area code or that giant monument in the middle of a park instead?  Saint Louis city alone has 78 neighborhoods, which in any other urban area would probably factor into a few website names.  You don’t see an or from their respective communities, although to be fair the density of those metros might contribute to a greater neighborhood orientation.  Gabe Bullard says that Louisville in Kentucky treats their neighborhoods like we treat our high schools, with the same fierce rivalries; growing up in and around Saint Louis can be a bit disorienting.  I’m not even going to bother with the etymology of making an abbreviation out of an abbreviation.

Highway 61 (revised) is in the process of obtaining one of those .com names, but not without some name change. is even a site that sells domain names. 
We were kind of hoping to unveil our own new name and new look around the same time as the Reset Party, and a couple other notable blogs (without STL in their names no less) have made similar transitions lately.  As our site transitions from a blog back into an online magazine again, something as simple as remembering the address and what is going to be important.  So far our name is a big part of forming the identity of what our site has been about, but we wanted to ask our readers first, especially since Archy doesn’t seem to have any answers for us – Just what’s in a name anyway?

Pyramid Schemes of the Future

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Pyramid SchemeI’ve been on Facebook for a few years now, but I just recently realized that all this time, I wasn’t part of the St. Louis, MO network – only the Webster University one.  I figured that since I’m about to graduate in May, I should probably join the St. Louis group – although perhaps in spirit, I will not be staying at Webster University come this May.

In any case, after browsing the main page for St. Louis, I came across something odd.“Yuwie – ‘Social Networking with a Twist” was posted by someone on the city’s wall. And after a terribly made, low quality video explaining how you might in some unlikely case make 50 cents a month by signing up everyone you’ve ever met (and anyone within your range online), I was LMAO.   If the url  doesn’t seem sketchy enough, the terrible video of a guy explaining how to get 50 cents for every 1,000 page views (with income like that, Highway 61 couldn’t afford to park downtown for more than an hour) was too much. 

Sort of like running headlong into a brick wall, with a sign hung on it that says ‘break this for a penny!’  In any case, it’s sort of reassuring to know that even in this day and age, some of the people out to steal your time and money (or in this case, probably just sell your information to advertisers)  are willing to be so obvious about it, that you’re basically asking for it if you fall for the pitch.


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Not so much a correction as much as an addendum to a previous post, in which we had claimed that Highway 61 (revised) had a monopoly as a student-written blog in the Saint Louis area.  Although this is patently wrong when including online publication of school newspapers, besides 52nd City’s newest contributor, has taken up a few new interns to offer young peoples’ perspective on politics.  Antonio French even went so far as to post a YouTube highlighting their newest contributors.

I should probably apologize for this and other comically misleading remarks written due to my poor sense of editorial judgement, such as this post last week in which I use sarcasm to mischaracterize an article written for .  We hope students and graduates alike will consider us as a (mostly) reliable source of information online in the future.

stage lights

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best friends

Seen here watching a performance at John D. McGurk’s in Soulard, Robert Adams and Barret Ottenberg are celebrating Rob’s 21st birthday over drinks and live music. When asked why he chose to celebrate his Decomber 7th birthday in the back of the Soulard establishment, Rob said he was in it for the cider. Upon further interogationn, Rob had no idea (or interest) in the performance of The Irish Brigade, seen performing here in the background.

McGurk’s is also a favorite fixture of mine in town, albiet one I infrequently visit. When my friend Robert, who I had written about in an article about underage drinking during Mardi Gras, brought up going to McGurk’s for that cider, my eyes must’ve lit up the whole room. With their multiple rooms, literally connected by knocking down the walls between at least 6 previously adjacent homes, McGurk’s is a unique part of the neighborhood in Soulard. You’d think an Irish Pub wouldn’t fit in this district, but by offering it’s own flavor, and by serving some of the finest cuts faire in the pub scene, McGurk’s really becomes a fixture of the area. To say nothing of the music performances.

Bulletin Board (system)

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bulletin board with flyers on itWith a bulletin board that looks like this, no wonder this blog might fall behind in sharing the best shows, events, and nouns around town (see previous post for details).  It’s hard enough to filter through the flyers to find something worthwhile, much less stumble across the right dead-tree media.  It’s easy to understand why kids in the county don’t know what’s going on in the city, and vice versa.  To say nothing about the uselessness that MySpace has become in spite of it’s ubiquity (browsing through the same profiles with the same regularity of routine around your neighborhood).

Fortunately this medium gives us the opportunity to do something about it ourselves.  Thanks to technology we can cast the widest net, while delivering the specific content people are searching for.  For instance, if I wanted to announce an event, let’s say a Blog Party, I could publish an articlelist an event others can add to their calendar, and let people invite their friends within my control.  In that same process, I have created driving directions, made a collective photo album, and helped set up the next activity.  And we can’t say enough about The Circuit, which gives us the local community connection that other Social Networks have lost.  Which helps make sure people don’t just hear about your event, but actually helping you make sure they show up for it.  Oh, and then published pieces like this are made after we find out about your concert/show/venue/store/blog/etc…

Highway 61 (revised) is not just a blog, so much as it is a community that brings attention to worthwhile people and places.  We use social bookmarks to share the news we find, pool photos that inspire us, tune each other in to good tunes, keep each other up to date on events, and put Saint Louis back on the map.  Occasionally, we publicly post articles to make sure that word is spread, but with your help it could be much more…

If you are interested in becoming a contributor/author to Highway 61 (revised), we’re interested in helping your voice be heard.  So far we’ve used our multiple contributor format share different perspectives and earn readers with regular updates.  Since you’re appearantly among that audience, you probably have a good idea what we’re about.  So if you’re still interested in becoming a contributor to our blog, please contact us either via The Circuit or myself directly @ skewgee at yahoo dot com.  And check back here soon for an announcement you’d probably expect as the first thing we’d be working on…

Breaking News: Model’s Metro-Link Ride Requires 5 Changes of Clothes

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Look at this.

This girl is riding the Metro-Link. She’s wearing a lot of makeup. She also looks really confused.

Then again, I’d be confused too if my light rail commute involved blurriness and six outfits.

Sure, it’s great that they decided to feature the Metro-Link, but (no offense to her as a person) this model looks like a county resident who repeatedly expresses extreme fear or disinterest in visiting any part of the city that isn’t Washington Avenue or the Central West End.

As for the photos themselves, while I don’t expect gallery quality from a local rag I would appreciate it if photographers went for creative composition and stopped to reshoot blurry photos. If this was an aesthetic choice, I’m seriously missing something. Unless, of course, that choice was to make the spread look like a college senior’s Facebook album. (Was this one taken with a camera-phone?)

Continue Reading Breaking News: Model’s Metro-Link Ride Requires 5 Changes of Clothes…

Straw Poll

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the alignment of this image in the page is more indicative of certain members political leanings than the rest of this post is bound to indicate
We’re throwing away our vote, and leaving it up to you to find the political commentary you need online.  Consider this our friendly reminder that Highway 61 will remain (relatively) apolitical in our coverage in things that don’t suck.  Sometimes things that are happening might have cultural impact, but we suspect that if you’re interested in these subjects you know where to read about them online and off.  We already do, so this will remain our pledge not to throw away your vote of support by steering clear of politics in our blog.

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