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Soup Man

I noticed a post on an stl blog about an ad for the Soup Man Kitchen, expressing surprise that a relic from the Seinfeld era of celebrity has set up shop in town… the only thing I can say is, having eaten at this place over a year ago, I can vouch that it’s at least that old, if not more… come on blogosphere keep up with the meatspace news!

For those of you who haven’t tried it out, It’s a pretty good place, with decent options (including Vegetarian and Vegan friendly options), and it doesn’t cost too much (the same as any quick lunch downtown). Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood (although I’ll still stick to Sen Thai, or the sandwiches at City Grocers).


Sliff and other artsy things

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Saint Louis International Film Festival

Saint Louis International Film Festival

This weekend kicks off the beginning of the 17th annual Saint Louis International Film Festival, an amazing event which showcases shorts and independent films from all over the world, as well as amazing work done right here in our backyard.  I’m going with a friend to see Shadowland, a feature length horror movie shot in Saint Louis last summer.  I’ve heard mixed things, but this is a film that several of my friends worked on, so I’m going out to give it a chance.  Also something to keep an eye on is Streetballers another Stl-made feature, about street ball players going to school in Saint Louis.  


Personally, I’ll be watching out for the some of the shorts programs, which usually pack a lot of fun into a little time.


In addition to the festival mainstays, which will run through Sunday, Nov 23rd, SLIFF has a new component this year – IndieFest.  In a competition that went from Oct 27 – Nov 12, 15 films were put up online to view and vote for, with the winners to be shown on the final day of the festival.  Voting is over, but It’s not too late to attend the free screening at Webster University, November 23rd at 6pm.  



In other news, fellow blogger Patrick Vacek and I will be classing it up for Blogger’s Night at the Powell Hall, for their Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra’s Guitar Festival.  More info at their site, or you can watch this video here.


Moving Sale

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See my Craigslist ad for more details.

More details about the future of to follow soon…

In the news

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Of course the flooding along the Mississippi has kept river city St. Louis in the national news for the last couple of weeks, but only our friends at Wonkette have the courage to ask the tough questions.  Following the breach of the levee in Lincoln County, we still need to know “why do muskrat’s hate America?”  Patriots should watch their exclusive video coverage from their inner den.

All jokes aside, communities close to Saint Louis need your help cleaning up the damage from this year’s flood.  As people litteraly try to put their lives together, please try to find a volunteering opportunity in your area this weekend.

Local Harvest

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One of the perks on living in the Midwest are the farmer’s markets, the often overlooked advantages of fresh, environmentally sustainable food within anyone’s budget.  And while I used to think everyone knew about the historic treasures like Soulard Market, like so many places in the big small town of Saint Louis, our farmer’s markets go without mentioning from those among us (including this writer) who take such places for granted.  So if you’re looking to save some green or save some money this harvest season, here are a few favorite farm-fresh grocers worth your consumption:

  • Tower Grove Farmers’ Market will keep you in season and in budget.  With local events (and music) and local prepared food on top of the produce, a visit every Saturday from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm inside this crown-jewel of St. Louis Parks will yield not just crops but a new experience with every visit.  And if you can’t make it this weekend be sure to check out close-by Local Harvest Grocery, who have recently expanded their Saturday hours and selection for your everyday market if you’re in the neighborhood.
  • Soulard Market is better known, has the largest selection, and is probably the most scenic venue for local produce (and some trucked in).  It’s open weekdays from 8am-5pm, although a visit on Saturday mornings between 6am-5pm is a popular visit for locals and tourists alike (bring a camera).  They accept food stamps (so you know it’s affordable), but you’ll want to bring cash if you like to haggle for the freshest prices for the fresh food.
  • North City Farmers’ Market is new (fresh by another name), but blossoming in it’s second year.  Located in Crown Square (near the old 14th Street Mall) across from local legend Crown Candy, this newest fixture in a classic locale is set to restore historic business models in a setting where historic places are being restored.  Naturally the newest part is the food, which is worth a visit alone.
  • Kirkwood Farmers’ Market is also open for business 6 days a week, and features a mix of local and seasonal produce.  Located in downtown Kirkwood along the rail lines, it could easily fit into your day trip this weekend without hitting hog country.
  • In South County you ought to know about Sappington Farmers Market already.  Although it looks on the outside like a modern supermarket, it’s actually small family farmers owned and operated store. And they’ll have the rest of your shopping list in the store as well, 7 days a week!
  • In North County the Ferguson Farmer Market has you covered.  It should be open from 8am-noon with everything fresh and in your budget.  Try it out this year.
  • Every Wednesday from 4-7pm there is farmers’ market in Maplewood in the parking lot of the Schlafly Bottleworks.  We hear there’s entertainment, local artists, and crafts from local sources alongside the produce from the ground up.  And maybe even a few lessons on how to gros thing in your own backyard.
  • In West County a farmers’ market has closed, and another one is opening in Wildwood.  Your best bet is to stick with the old market at Gilberg’s Perrenial Farms off Highway T, as in try out local produce.
  • But if your looking for something even more fresh, why not pick your own produce at Eckerts Orchard in Illinois.  We have the details in a post from last harvest season, but you’ll want to write your own story with a visit this summer.

And of course look for a produce stand along your drive down Highway 61, or any other local road, as your summer moves along a detour through the intersection of your life and Saint Louis.

(Thanks to Jo and Ann Pollack of St. Louis Eats and Drinks for the tips in this story)

Pizza, Pizza!

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If you thought, as did I, that regional pizza chain Little Caesars had left Saint Louis for good in the late 1990s it’s time to think again. Although I found out they never really left, the opening of a new store in the Southtown neighborhood is only the beginning of a major expansion of the chain back into the local market. My childhood is still filled with as many visits to their parlors as Imo’s or any other pizza restaurant.

Just a few feet away from that newest store opening is a new, local pizza place opening named Joe Bush’s Pizza & Pub. I can’t wait to read the reviews from either new pizza parlors, joining other local favorites of ours. If you’ve visited either place since they’ve opened, we’d be interested in hearing your impressions, no matter how cheesy, in the weeks to come…

Upscale Bowling Downtown

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Matt and I went out to the Pink Flamingo Bowl on Washington Ave. last week, and were pretty impressed with what we found:

The place is pretty cool inside, with pink flamingos of various shapes and sizes adorning the walls, the bar, and several other places throughout the place – but somehow, Joe Edwards has managed to cover his new venture with pink flamingos – the very symbol of kitsch, and at the same time avoid a kitschy environment. The place is kind of classy, but relaxed feeling, and definitely aimed at the loft residents, people working downtown, and those with the common sense to avoid the overpriced bars closer to the stadium.

There’s 12 lanes of bowling with projection tvs (usually watching cartoon network when I pass by on my way to work) and surprisingly, the price of a game is about the same as any other bowling alley in town. Of course, you can rent out the lanes for an hour at a time as well (which on the weekend, wouldn’t be a bad idea, this place is usually PACKED Friday and Saturday).

Instead of the usual bowling alley fare, they have a pretty nice selection of sandwiches, appetizers, and pizza (at a fraction of the usual grease) and a well stocked (if upscale priced) bar. In addition to a pretty nice, moderately priced beer selection, they have an ever-changing selection of cocktails, and a list of aged rums as well. Of course, for me the crowning jewel at the bar was that they carry Lucid brand Absinthe (yes, real absinthe. Yes, it’s legal now. Yes, it’s actually real, google it if you don’t believe me), served in the french style at $9 a pop – now that’s a drink I don’t mind shoveling out some change for.

In all, it’s a pretty nice place if your downtown, and don’t mind spending a bit of money (but if you don’t want to lay down too much cash, they’ve got decent prices on pitchers of all your favorite st. louis beers as well). And as much as I’m downtown, I have a feeling this is going to become a new favorite spot of mine. (Hey, if it’s too pricey, they’ve also opened a new location of The Tin Can just down the street on Locust, and who can argue with that place?)

News of Import

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itunes friendly cover art for 52nd City\'s sound issueUpon attempting to import two CDs in my music collection into iTunes, “Sound” (compiled) by 52nd City and “In Rainbows” by Radiohead, failed to import album artwork. And while I’m glad that a favorite quarterly publication local to Saint Louis is in the good company of one of the most important bands of our time, it seems kind of a strange coincidence to would pair these albums.

On one hand is the Radiohead album: noted not just for it’s thoughtful musical compositions but also for it’s initial distribution by the band themselves over the internet; now it was being introduced to my iPod even having downloaded a copy already from myself. On the other foot was the issue of 52nd City: a publication I was introduced to because of their internet presence only to be incorporated with their printed issues today. By downloading this physical-media publication on to my iPod, I was completing some cycle of transforming this record originally meant to connect me with the local community and reintroducing it to the subjective listening experience on my own iPod.

Turns out there is supplemental aural media in the online editon of the issue, although no album artwork to be found. Anachronistically there is photography offered online, but nothing to add a cover image to my iPod. Perhaps I should make my own scan, and share it with the community for their own consumption? And if you haven’t already, consider ordering a copy of this back issue for yourself.

Grass Roots

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In case you haven’t heard already, hip-hop band The Roots will be performing this upcoming Friday April 18th 2008 on Webster University’s campus. The show, which is open to everyone, will be performed as part of Springfest on a closed-off section of Garden Avenue street for the block party environment. Tickets can be purchased by the general public at the University Center desk for $20 (free for current Webster University students), although we won’t be surprised if the show is sold out already. The show will start promptly at 7:30, but don’t be surprised if you’ll need to stick around for an encore like the medley you see in the above video clip from one of their live performances.

St. Louis Hegelians

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Henry C. Brockman, a leader among St. Louis HegeliansIt is only through Hegelianism that we are to know that between Saint Louis (thesis) and Chicago and its great fire (antithesis) we will find “The future great city of the world”; although a baseball philosopher might also be able to make similar deductions, Yogi Berra has yet to make this observation.  To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hegelians in St. Louis, Webster University has taken it upon themselves to confer not just local philosophers and historians, but has called a national conference to reexamine the philosophical movements spurred by St. Louis Hegelians.  For those of you less familiar with the movement:

The St. Louis Hegelians are one of the most important movements of American cultural history. Founded in the 19th century by an eclectic set of St. Louis school teachers and amateur philosophers, this group helped bring German philosophy (especially the philosophy of Hegel) to the American continent. By adding their own unique American twist to this philosophy, the group is also responsible for taking the first major steps toward producing America’s wholly distinct philosophical tradition of Pragmatism.

Celebrating might not be pragmatic, especially given other social opportunities that Saturday, but it would be amiable to attend the lectures on Saturday April 12th which will begin at 9 in the morning.  And what location to hold this conference would be more appropriate than the Old Post Office in downtown St. Louis, which was a new fixture in the time of the Saint Louis Philosophical Society and today stands restored as a monument to pragmatic reuse.

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