SuperFat Tuesday (and the Hangover)

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With apologies to Antonio French*: 

Super Tuesday– Barack Obama and John McCain win Missouri and Illinois primaries.  Wayne Root wins Missouri Libertarain primary, and Cynthia McKinney wins Illinois Green Party primary.

Fat Tuesday– Mardi Gras parade canceled due to inclement weather.  Ash Wednesday imminent.

Watch Party– Missouri, Webster Groves, and The Royale featured on NPR’s All Things Considered.  George W Bush still President.

Keep down with politics (or at least parties) on Highway 61 (Revised)*


East Saint Louis

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Strange Folk

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People are strange, so don’t be a stanger at the Strange Folk  indie arts and crafts festival in O’Fallon Park this Saturday.  I haven’t been the most active neighbor and nearly forgot to write about this show, which will feature over 100 vendors unique projects involving things you can actually use;for examples this stuff is Readymade.  They even made a blog, but somehow slipped under my internet benabled radar.

If you’re into customized bags, lunch boxes, and DIY Ipod cases (among other things), you’ll probably find something like that only better while you’re there.  Those who need less crafty reasons to show up (besides the tote bag giveaway) might enjoy gnoshing down on some gyros and fresh fruit from Eckert’s while listening to DJ Mad Martian manning the turntable decks all afternoon.  Plus we hear they’ll be giving away stuff that isn’t just swag all afternoon.  And tote bags.

To say nothing of fine crafts!  It all takes place this Saturday, September 22nd between 10-6pm in O’Fallon Park (that’s in the IL, no MO), where faces come out of the rain.  And bring a friend, because “faces look ugly when you’re alone”.  And I’m pretty sure the show has nothing to do with the Doors.  Still, we should go.

Arlo To Go Solo, Go To So…IL?

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Folk troubadour (and son of a folk troubadour) Arlo Guthrie will be bringing his “Solo Reunion Tour – ‘Together at Last'” to the area with a stop at the Espenschied Chapel in my hometown of Mascoutah, IL on October 14th.

The chapel is an intimate venue. As the name implies, it’s one large room with a small stage up front. Plus, it’s in a graveyard.

Tickets cost $100, so if you have…um, one of those things…what are they called? A job, you can go.

Visit the chapel website for more info.

Here’s a list of Arlo and cemetery jokes I avoided making in this post:
Dying to get in?
Fans know that Arlo “Don’t want to die,” but he’s coming to a graveyard anyway.
Don’t you know Arlo? He’s your native son.
And, in the interest of fairness, my Mom is on the chapel committee. If I made that more obvious in the story, a “Ballad of Gabriel’s Mother” joke could be tossed in. Of course, I’m not sure how many of our readers are familiar with Arlo’s lyrics or library, which is why I left these jokes out.

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