Film Student Showcases

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As a film students, I’m always looking for stories to tell and opportunities to get my work screened.  So when I got this message this morning from Highway 61 contributor Lauren Reid, I thought I’d pass it along not just to film students and geeks but animal lovers as well:

“Here’s something to do if you are a filmmaker: Cinema St. Louis and the Animal Protective Association of Missouri invite filmmakers living within a 120-mile radius of St. Louis to create a short film about the bond between people and their pets. Finalists will be showcased on the APA website, the APA MySpace page, YouTube and at the APA’s Grand Reopening Party. Cinema St. Louis will then choose one of the films to screen at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase in July. The entry deadline is April 1, 2008…
Here’s something that would be cute, a story about you and James. Could be fun since you two don’t really have quite the typical relationship between pets and owners. He’ll claw you during the day and sleep with you during the night.”

Besides my passive-aggressive cat, which you’re either unlikely or just unlucky to meet, you can catch other Screwball Comedies this and every proceeding Wednesday this semester. “Topics in Film Studies: Screwball Comedy” will be screening a series of films as part of a class on this film genre.  It will start off at 7:15pm this Wednesday with the Frank Capra classic “It Happened One Night“. All of the films will be screened in the Winifred Moore Auditorium, and admission is FREE.  We expect you show up for class on time every week, that is unless you get lost in a series of seemingly disconnected misadventures which lead you to where you actually need to be that night.


Craft Me an Indie Boy, Please!

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My friends know I like to be crafty. Hell, it’s in my blood. Whether its buddies insisting on feeding me with beers in exchange for sewing on a button or two or whipping up a new dress for myself, I love to say “Thanks, I made it.” For years, I’ve been a regular drifter, sometimes poster on Craftster, Etsy, Instructables, BurdaStyle…trust me, the list goes on.So between Mardi Gras stints, I’m hoping to substitute one holiday’s celebration for an early nod to another at Indie Valentine this Saturday. It’ll be a good chance to check out some creative locals and get away from both the drunks in Soulard and cheesy Hallmark cards that seem to take over the holiday. Needless to say, I’d like to check it out after my disappointing lack of attendance at the Rock N’ Roll Craft Show a couple months ago…In case you’re too drunk from the Fête events to make it (don’t forget, they’ll have a bar at the craft show too!) and can’t make it, here’s a mini-mix to craft to (while or while not on the juice).Lo-Fi Mellow Mode – A SideSew What – Secret Saturday Neutral Milk Hotel – Everything IsFlight of the Conchords – If You’re Into ItJeffrey Lewis – Back When I Was 4 (YouTube Link) You’re Feeling Poppy? – B SideScissors for Lefty – Next to ArgyleThe Sewing Circle – Apparition Over NurembergArt Brut – Pump Up the VolumeBlank Canvas – Contained But Not ControlledOf Montreal – Art Snob Solutions 


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I have never had a huge urge in my life for politics. Sure, I don’t discount debates or look down on its importance in our world, I’m just not one for incessantly arguing topics with firm minds. So, while Matt checks out his mock-caucus at the Royale tonight, I thought I’d offer an artistic alternative (yet still keeping with the political theme).

Enter George Caleb Bingham and his painting “The County Election.” The exhibit shows the make-up of the entire painting through preliminary sketches. The website even has a neat game to match the preliminary sketches to the elements in the final product. Art in politics, politics in art!

George Caleb Bingham: The Making of “The County Election” is located in the Cohen Gallery (313) and runs until March 9th.

STL Mall Santas in Retro-Spective

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Between frantically shopping for friends and family, selling hams to angry mobs of holidaytime carnivores, and extended cases of the sniffles, I’ve decided to include some time for a quick blurb that I always look forward to checking out during the holidays: those fat, red and white threaded squatters who take residence for weeks on end at our local malls and don’t get kicked out by the cops.

Yes, I’m talking about MALL SANTAS. So here’s a little glimpse of what we saw this year (photos added for your own analysis, with more available on FlickR):

West County Mall
A true bibliophile, WestCo’s Santa had a library themed setup, though I doubt his surroundings did much to spur academic minds to desire a little Thoreau or Joyce in an age where Guitar Hero III reigns. Anyways, there was Santa as an intellectual (wire-rimmed glasses to boot), with few takers on that shopping night.

Chesterfield Mall
This setup was becoming more of a second venue for Glamour Shots than a midwest-north pole. Santa was stashed below an escalator to take his requests, and surrounded by more fiberoptics and photo price tags than anything else. Kinda reminded me of a happy sparkly cave that you explore, only to find yourself eaten up by an angry polar bear.

St. Louis Galleria
Sitting on a giant chair bordered by two phallic, gold towers straight out of Little-Mermaid video covers sat our guy in the atrium. Besides the Gallleria’s giant tree, a few surrounding presents, and the obligatory gate and queue setup, there wasn’t much to the scene – in my opinion, how it should be. As for old beardy, this was the most impressive Santa by far – when we walked by, he was balancing an entire army of kids on his lap – two on each leg. Plus, I was eyeing up the big batch of candy canes next to him, supposedly ready to combat the masses of screaming, crying, lap-wetting kiddies that I’m sure were encountered this season.

Reel Big Fishing at the Pageant

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So we may be thousands of miles from the annual International Ska Circus, but tonight St. Louis will be receiving a touring ska show that may be just as good in my book. Reel Big Fish will be joining up with Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, and Against All Authority for the Shout It Loud tour.

While I anticipate tonight’s crowd to don their checkers, I’m not so sure whether the music will reflect that same vibe (sans Streetlight Manifesto, who will always play with the most upstroke beats and horn solos). I’m curious to see whether Less Than Jake will bring along a horn section, as their sound has taken quite a different direction since I swooned over them in the Pezcore era.

Despite how the years have changed the bands (between member lineups and styles), the show will bring together some fun bands and even more fun music. The tour has sold out in other cities, so expect it to be crowded here as well – even with just RBF or LTJ headlining alone, The Pageant has been full of kids, with barely room to move on the floor. Doors are 6:30, show starts at 7:30.

Love Tester @ Happy Joe’s

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With summer flings in full swoon this summer, you might need a means to test the veracity of your lover.  Fortunately there is in fact a machine that will scientifically measure the strength of your love, the Love Tester.  As demonstrated in the above video by yours truly, the Love Tester was also used by fellow Highway 61 contributor Lauren “Hot Stuff” Reid (check out her video on youtube).

This amusement machine is among many others at Happy Joe’s family restaurant (see more with FlickR photos here), which wouldn’t be a bad place for a date with your summer fling.  In fact, Happy Joe’s is just one of many popular pizza parlors in this slice of St Louis County, including my old favorite Fortel’s Pizza Den.  And if your date is on a diet, just remind them that the games are “harmless” (heh).

Harry Potter Spoilers…

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…are not in this post. Because I don’t know any of them, or really feel like searching around for them. I could make some up if you’d like. But with the hype of the last book, and the hush-hush matter that the die hard fans tried to keep quiet, I thought it would be fun to check up on some of my favorites of the spoiler “moments” that people posted last year:


Tom Hanks really gets into it

And if you are excited about the book release, you probably already know about the pre-parties going on at book stores and libraries all around town. In my opinion, the events at Left Bank Books sound the most promising to me, so that’s where I’ll be heading with the rest of my Pot-terhead fans (plus, the butterbeers and ice creams were calling my name). They’re having a whole street festival, turning North Euclid into a virtual Diagon Alley.

Bastille Day parade in Soulard

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Because we know you’d have our heads if we didn’t, here’s our view of the Bastille Day parade in St. Louis.  We were a bit surprised when the holiday march turned into a public pub crawl, until we remembered we were celebrating a holiday in Soulard.  Not to mention the authenticity exhibited by the King and Queen, whose authentic costumes (sans red converse high tops) accosted the crowd to spontaneous outbursts of “Off with their heads!” in the kind of alcohol fueled aimless furor usually saved for Mardi Gras.  And despite the strong correlation of group drinking and riots, this ordinarily intimidating mob seemed almost mundane considering the inclusion of segway scooters and small children participating in such revolutionary acts.  In that regard, perhaps the holiday is best remembered right here in town.

Link to FlickR photo set of the parade

Extra credit – a much better perspective of the events is available here (c/o SoulNoir).

Blackberries On the House

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lauren holds in her hands some blackberriesIn days filled with iPhones and other technological “marvels,” mention the word blackberry and most people are probably more likely to think of the gadget rather than the fruit.
But just this past weekend the fields at Eckert’s Orchards opened for guests to come in bunches and pick all the blackberries that their buckets could hold. However, it may may take a little determination (and a loud alarm clock) if you’re not really into the morning scene as hours when we went were 8am – Noon. But on a beautiful day just bring the sunscreen, leave your worries, and chomp some right off of the bushes. A hint – really stick your head in those shadows for the best, ripest berries.
lauren hoists two buckets full of clackberries above her headWell now, when you’re done picking to your heart’s content, what to do with all those blackberries? I think I’ll try my next batch shaken with some Mike’s Hard Lemonade. There’s plenty to garnish with those sweet suckers.
Of course, if you’re looking for something a little less alcoholic, you can’t go wrong with some blackberry stuffed crepes or tarts.

Interested parties are welcome to take a look for themselves, or just @ our FlickR photoset – Matt

Fête de la Fédération

July 11, 2007 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Events, Lauren Reid, music, parade, summer | 1 Comment

I love France, French, Français. When I visit big cities I can find Little Italy with ease or pass by Chinatown without a thought. Russian, Romanian, German, Dutch…it seems that the only city that has a decent French Quarter is the one and only Big Easy. Now, don’t get me wrong, we’ve got a rich French history here in the old Louis IX’s namesake city. I guess what I’m missing is the culture, the people…the opportunity to practice my French. I’d take residence in a true “Little France” area of town in an instant.

But maybe I’ve got hope this weekend in St. Louis’ Soulard district. Bastille Day* is on its way, complete with events all weekend set to project you into that angry French mob you’ve always wanted to be a part of. Off with his head!

Here’s the rundown from

JULY 13TH – 15TH, 2007

6:00 pm A farewell gathering at the corner of Russell and Menard for Queen Marie Antoinette & King Louis. Gather at Joanie’s, Johnny’s or The Bastille to send the King and Queen off to their dreaded fate. Continue Reading Fête de la Fédération…

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