“Summer in the City” mixtape 2008

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mixtapeLast year 61revised.com jump started your summer with a mixtape.  Once again, for our loyal readers, we’ve decided to make a new “Summer in the City” mixtape.  Take a listen for yourself:

You’ll notice that we only finished the A-side of our mixtape this year.  We want your help finishing the mixtape, so send in your suggestions (preferably with accompanying mp3s) to hwy61revised@gmail.com or to our last.fm group.  If you do, we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a hard copy of the mixtape.  We’ll make another post to congratulate the winners and link you again once the mixtape is finished.
Otherwise, feel free to use our A-side as the start to your own mixtape, and come back for the final copy of tracks that’ll help you get into the grove of high-humidity and charcoal smoke that we call summer in the city (of St. Louis).


Snow Day Spin-Off

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According to AtoZ blog’s highly reliable Annie Zaleski (who is sick with the Flu), the DJ Spin-Off at the Atomic Cowboy is still going on tonight in spite of the inclement weather.  So if you want to slide, try to keep it on the dance floor starting at 8pm tonight and until midnight. 

Some of St. Louis’ best DJs will be spinning their best sets as they compete for the honor to win a free trip to Miami for the Ultra Music Festival.  Annie has taken the courtesy to provide detailed interviews (and even some mp3 mixtape action!) for each of the finalist contestants in the Spin-Off for tonight:

Keep up with events before we get time around to write about them: subscribe to the Highway 61 (revised) calendar.  It also has one of those SMS text alert thingies, if that’s what you’re into.

Craft Me an Indie Boy, Please!

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My friends know I like to be crafty. Hell, it’s in my blood. Whether its buddies insisting on feeding me with beers in exchange for sewing on a button or two or whipping up a new dress for myself, I love to say “Thanks, I made it.” For years, I’ve been a regular drifter, sometimes poster on Craftster, Etsy, Instructables, BurdaStyle…trust me, the list goes on.So between Mardi Gras stints, I’m hoping to substitute one holiday’s celebration for an early nod to another at Indie Valentine this Saturday. It’ll be a good chance to check out some creative locals and get away from both the drunks in Soulard and cheesy Hallmark cards that seem to take over the holiday. Needless to say, I’d like to check it out after my disappointing lack of attendance at the Rock N’ Roll Craft Show a couple months ago…In case you’re too drunk from the Fête events to make it (don’t forget, they’ll have a bar at the craft show too!) and can’t make it, here’s a mini-mix to craft to (while or while not on the juice).Lo-Fi Mellow Mode – A SideSew What – Secret Saturday Neutral Milk Hotel – Everything IsFlight of the Conchords – If You’re Into ItJeffrey Lewis – Back When I Was 4 (YouTube Link) You’re Feeling Poppy? – B SideScissors for Lefty – Next to ArgyleThe Sewing Circle – Apparition Over NurembergArt Brut – Pump Up the VolumeBlank Canvas – Contained But Not ControlledOf Montreal – Art Snob Solutions 

RockNRoll Craft Show – The Mixtape

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mainheader.gifmainheader.gifmainheader.gifIf you haven’t already made your plans to attend it already (no thanks to us), you ought to know about the 4th go around for the Rock N Roll Craft Show will take place this weekend.  For those unfamiliar with the show (including myself), about 90+ artists will contribute their unique creations and cultural produce, including several bands who will contribute their well crafted sound sounds.  It’ll all go down this Satuday December 8th from noon-9pm and again on Sunday the 9th from noon until around 6pm, taking place in the Mad Art Gallery (63118).  There will be demonstrations and classes each day, not to mention the hourly raffles from the event sponsors.

To help kick off this homegrown scene, we decided to put on our craftypants and throw together a little mixtape so you can get prepped for the sounds this weekend, or at least give you something else to listen to while making the rounds.  But we couldn’t keep the excitement to ourselves, so we teamed up with Courtney Watson to round out the sound.  As with all good mixtapes, this one comes in two distinct flavors: Side A provided right here, and Side B from Courtney.  And if you’re really excited, we’ve thrown in some Bonus Tracks to make your own mix-craft.

Side A:

 The Ottomen – Rock and Roll Christmas
Bargain Basement – Headache in My Heart
Broadcast – Black Cat
(uncredited) – Music for all kinds of fun (via Beware the Blog)
Gentleman Auction House – Blissful Things Go
Applied Communication – Awesome Fantasies (via Just Sayin’ is All)
Tiger Army – Power of Moonlite (via Fangbear)

Extra Credit/Bonus TracksBarefoot Jones – Oversleepin’, Lenny Mink – Crazy Sara, Raw Earth – Dead Man (Dylan cover), Beck – Forget Marie

Side B: Flip the tape over to CourtneyWatson.net

Xmas in July mixtape

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Every year we hear the same set of songs playing continuously between Thanksgiving Day until December 26th.  This July we decided to do something about it.

By offering a list of songs that includes entirely original Xmas tunes alongside the unique interpretations of holiday standards, we hope we’ll inspire you to explore holiday songs of all musical and religious traditions.  And while you needn’t any particular set of spiritual beliefs (or at all) to enjoy them, here’s our offering at the altar of seasonal music, hoping maybe it will prod on a new inclusion to the musical canon of the holiday season.

  1. Bright Eyes – Blue Christmas (1)
  2. The Walkmen – Christmas Party (2)
  3. Magnet – Let It Snow (3)
  4. Mike Nicolai – Christmas is for Losers (4)
  5. Snowden – Happy Christmas (War is Over) (5)
  6. Sufjan Stevens – That Was The Worst Christmas Ever! (6)
  7. Death Cab for Cutie – Christmas (Baby Please come Home) (7)
  8. The Next Door Neighbors – How to make Eggnog  (8)
  9. Tom Lehrer – Hanukkah in Santa Monica (9)
  10. Yukon and You – Marxist Christmas (10)
  11. Arcade Fire – Winter for a Year (11)
  12. James Brown – Santa Claus is Definitely Here to Stay (12
  13. Beck – Chanukah Funk (13)
  14. Steve Martin – 5 Christmas Wishes (14)
  15. Arcade Fire – Jinglebell Rock (self-hosted)
  16. DJ John – The Charlie Brown Christmas Massacre (15)
  17. JoolsMF – Havana Good Christmas (16)
  18. Darren Hanlon – Spend Christmas Day with Me (self-hosted)

Extra credit – Share your favorite holiday tunes in our last.fm group (like that John Denver and the Muppets Christmas Special we’re not supposed to share with you).  We’ll have another raffle among members our last.fm group in a week’s time to win a physical copy of our Xmas in July mixtape.  Sign up for your stocking stuffer now.

“Summer…” mixtape contest results

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Congratulations to the lucky winner of a physical copy of the mixtape (see above video for results).  Thanks again to everyone who tried out our “Summer in the City” mixtape for the past two weeks.  By now the tape should have taken you well into summer, so stay tuned to our Last.fm group for another mixtape coming out in the next couple of weeks.

“Summer..” mixtape madness

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Because we believe one good turn deserves another, we’re giving you a second chance to snag a copy of our “Summer in the City” mixtape you probably read about earlier.  For a full explanation of the mixtape, tracklisting, and communtity features, please refer to our original post.  Just like before, this mp3 mixtape comes in single tracks for each side, just like a real mixtape.  Well, try this second upload out yourself: 

Side A and Side B.

We also wanted to let more or you in on the mixtape madness, so we’re revamping the contest to win a physical audio cassette version of the mixtape.  As of right now, everyone in our Last.fm group is eligible to win a copy.  And in one week’s time we’ll post a video raffle drawing to select the winner.  All you have to do to enter our raffle? – join the group by 3 pm next Friday July 6th.  We think you’ll like hearing what other people in St. Louis are listening to anyway…we know we do.

“Summer…” mixtape update

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For those of you still skittish about suppressive enforcement of outdated copyright laws, we have found a streaming music option for you.  But since WordPress is equally skittish about imeem.com, this link to a streaming copy of the “Summer in the City” mixtape will have to suffice (along with side B).

Of course, those of you craving a mixtape you can actually take out to enjoy the summer weather with can still download both side A or side B of our mixtape (@ least for now).  And don’t forget that to win our drawing for a physical copy of the mixtape, you must enter a comment on the original “Summer in the City” mixtape post sometime before this new week has run through its spool.

“Summer in the City” mixtape

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summer in the city mixtapeIn celebration of the start of mixtape season, we’ve made a “Summer in the City” mixtape for you, our loyal readers, to start the season in style.  You seem to have liked our local mixtape pretty well, but this mix should satisfy those looking for more seasonal palate of sounds to bask in it’s radiant aural glory like a sunbather by the pool.

And just like mixtape, our mp3 mix comes in two distinct linear flavors –

You’ll want download each before we either run out of bandwidth or this post is replaced with a cease & desist injunction.  You can burn each (of 2) tracks to CD for the mixtape experience, but we’ll also give a physical copy of the mixtape to a random reader who leaves a comment to this post.  That is to say, if you leave a comment (to this post) you are eligible to win a cassette tape copy of the “Summer in the City” mixtape (unless you’re part of our staff).

And we’re offering extra mixtape fun for our friends with Last.fm .  For more about that, a tracklisting of the mixtape, and a streaming-preview of sorts, you’ll have to read the rest of this post by following the bump. Continue Reading “Summer in the City” mixtape…

RFT: Rockin’ Full Tape

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To prepare for this year’s RFT Music Showcase taking place at various locations in the Loop, I’ve gone through their grandoise list of scheduled bands to compile a mixtape of the most promising sounds. Keep in mind these are only my personal favorites of what I was able to hear. It’s mainly indie pop/rock with a few surprises thrown in. All tracks can be found as free samples online, ususally on myspace pages but on occasion discovered after a little hunting on a band’s or label’s webpage.

A setlist, times, and stage locations can be found here: RFT Music Showcase 2007 Myspace Page

More on the showcase later, and onto the track listing!

RFT Music Showcase 2007: Rockin’ Full Tape
1. Your Days and Our Nights – Gentleman Auction House
2. Three Little Birds – Johnny-O & The Jerks
3. Devil’s Dog – Walkie Talkie U.S.A.
4. He’s A Cop Now – Jumbling Towers
5. Newlywed Deception – Team Tomato
6. Progress – So Many Dynamos
7. The Beat – Target Market
8. Out of Control – Say Panther
9. Mean Mean Miss Guillotine – Johnny-O & The Jerks
10. Oh, Sweet Beacon – Casey Reid
11. Search Party – So Many Dynamos
12. American Shogun – Spark Thugs
13. If It’s So Hard – Say Panther
14. Me & My Vampire Friends – Bunnygrunt
15. Summer Moon – Magnolia Summer
16. Worn Out Engine – Tom Hall
17. Misalliances – Berlin Whale
18. Of Cycles and Engines – Finn’s Motel
19. Commitment – Walkie Talkie U.S.A.
20. Halloween Song – Say Panther
21. M. And O. Blues – Tom Hall
22. In Saint Lou – 7 Shot Screamers

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