Discover America Tonight at SLSO

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cdbigThis is a little bit last minute, but if anyone’s looking for something interesting and fun to do tonight, SLSO is continuing their ongoing Classical Detours series at Powell Hall, with tonight’s theme – Discover America.    Enjoy several pieces by American composers Bernstein, Copland, Rodgers, and even John Williams.      In SLSO’s own words: 

“No “Jingle Bells.” No “Rudolph.” The SLSO offers holiday relief.”


And, as always, the performance is prefaced with free beer sampling courtesy of Schlafly. 




Although it may be too late to use this info tonight, RFT vetran and current SLSO blogger Eddie Silva sent me this info on how to get FREE TICKETS to SLSO shows.    Read on:


50 Free Ticket Program:

The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra offers 50 free tickets to the public for all of its regular Orchestral concerts (except Coffee Concerts). To receive your free ticket you must have a 50 Free Membership Card. To get your card simply stop by the Saint Louis Symphony Box Office and sign up for your free card. The card entitles you to a free ticket to six  orchestral concerts per season. To redeem for your ticket, present your card and a valid picture ID at the Box Office window 2 hours before a valid concert.  Tickets will be handed out for 30 minutes or until all 50 tickets have been distributed.  Cards will be punched each time you receive a ticket. Tickets are given to valid free ticket card holders on a first come basis. One free ticket card per person per season.


A new writer and Ferry Corsten

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Wait? Who is this? Has Hwy61 been invaded? Is the very fabric of our pleasant little universe unraveling!

No, it’s just a new writer. My name is Zach Haugen, and it’s very nice to meet everyone. I am one of the new writers here on Highway 61. If you’re interested to learn more about me please visit the author’s page, otherwise I just need to say thank you to Matt and the other writers for letting me express what it is that I do.

Wednesday night I got the opportunity to see Ferry Corsten live at Dante’s on Olive Street.The show was a rare 18+ event, and although the club isn’t my normal scene the chance to see Ferry Corsten was too good to pass. I was optimistic going into the event, but coming out of it, well one word sums up my experience seeing Ferry Corsten at Dantes……bass.

The level of bass was so high much that it vibrated the folds on my jeans and punched me in the stomach on every beat. Normally big bass is what attracts crowds to an event like this, but the bass last night was simply over powering. It was so consistently over bearing that it drowned out any melody that Ferry was probably playing. After about an hour all I could hear, besides the bass, was the same techno over and over again. Now I’m very sure that he was playing different songs the entire time, but it all seemed to drown together in a big bass ocean.

Seeing Ferry at Dante’s was still an interesting experience to say the least. The club is a scene I don’t find myself in much, and I met some very fun people while I was there. Still, I paid $20.00 to stand on a dance floor in my Pac-Man munchies tee-shirt having my rib cage throttled the entire night like I was a small child. Needless to say it was an experience I hope to not repeat anytime soon.


Big, Muddy, and “Ornery”

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The video above is a short trailer of the record release party for The Monads, who will release their second album “Ornery” on Big Muddy Records.  Watch it, I’ll wait.  From the looks of the clip above, it would appear more bad news lies ahead of the primary calendar for Hillary Clinton (watch the video again if you need an explanation of that). 

If “not even a robot Hillary Clinton” can stop this imminent release, you’ll know you’ll want to be at Off Broadway on March 28th around 9pm.  But get there early, because the first 50 paying guests will receive a complimentary copy of the CD, and our friends at Big Muddy promise surprises:

“Toenail clippings collected from everyone in the band is a possibility,” said Monads’ banjo player Jason Matthews. “Maybe even an essay I wrote on the proper way to tree a raccoon. You’ll just have to find out for yourself!”

To find that out you’ll need to bring $7 and one of them picture identification cards to prove you’re over the age of 18.  Getting age checked is just the start of your “Ornery” experience on March 28; alongside the bluegrass-styling of the Monads will be emceed by Clownvis Presley anchored by other Big Muddy favorites the Vultures and Pokey LaFarge.  Yep, see you there.

Bad news Blues

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For everyone who has been left stranded when their concert was canceled tonight, we thought we’d give you a show of our own; the video above is of Bessie Smith performing the “St. Louis Blues“.  This clip is from a 1929 film of the same name (ironically filmed in Queens, New York City) is the only known footage of the late Bessie Smith, who would eventually have her life taken by the Blues Highway, in a tragic car accident and subsequent mistreatment on US Highway 61.

If you’re not in the mood for that epic recording, we offer this classic music of the Dave Brubeck Quartet performing their rendition of the “St. Louis Blues“.  It may not be as hip, but you can’t deny that the sounds of that critically-acclaimed jazz group will ironically cheer you up.

Bring the Notes!

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Chuck DYeah boy! Chuck D is coming to Webster University this Monday February 25th, not just to Bring the Noise but also to Bring his Insight; you might want to bring your notebook to jot down a few notes.  Besides his illustrious music career as a founding member of Public Enemy, Chuck D leads the hip-hop generation into politics and on the airwaves with his nationally syndicated radio talk show On The Real

This lecture, which is free to the general public on a first come first serve seating basis, is surely going “to make everybody see in order to fight the powers that be“. So how can Webster be sure that it’s institutional walls won’t be shaken to the ground? According to this press release from Webster University:

Chuck D is known for delivering powerful messages about race, rage, reality and inequality. He has continued to push the envelope and deliver his messages through his best-selling autobiography, “Fight The Power.”…Through his lectures, Chuck D moves beyond rap music and discusses topics as diverse as politics, Internet file sharing and the state of hip-hop culture.

You might have already heard about the event, which will take place in the Loretto Hilton Center next Monday starting at 7pm (with doors opening at 6:15pm, giving you plently of time to bum rush the show). We just thought we’d remind you so that you can “kick the bass for them brothers, And let them know, What goes on.”  So yes, you can believe the hype.

Record, release, and Party!

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75s cd release flyerWith one foot firmly in the past and the other foot stepping forward, local phenomenom The 75’s are already releasing their first record, “Extra Fancy”, in style with a party this Saturday night (February 23rd).  And I say in the past very deliberately, because it remains a good possibility that as this flyer alludes to (conciously or not) you may someday get the same blank looks when you mention a Compact Disc in the future (but they might instictively know what a vinyl record is).

Formats aside it’s sure that this genre-bending Rock’N’Roll group has something to celebrate even without the CD release.  Since their first show a half year ago, lovingly documented by LoFiSTL, the band has arisen quick as one of Saint Louis’ most unique and catchiest bands.  You can start to understand their appeal by reading Mike Appelstein’s interview with the band in the Riverfront Times, or you could come out Saturday night and keep yourself entertained from 9pm until it’s closing time (around 1am). 

That priveledge will only set you back a $5 cover charge, for which you’ll recieve aural enjoyment from the likes of The Blind Eyes, Kentucky Knife Fight, and of course The 75s themselves.  But you’ll probably want to bring a little extra change for a cold beverage. Or at least bring $7 to buy a copy of your host’s recorded likenesses, for which the night’s coronation is being held at Lemmon’s in south Saint Louis.

Of course you already knew about this show, because you’re subscribed to the Highway 61 (revised) calendar.  I promise I keep plugging it for a reason (because you can use it, and we did the work for you).

Let’s Have Bizarre Celebrations

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Of Montreal playing in The PageanNormally when I review a concert I try to include a few photos, or even a short video clip I managed to snag (without having my camera confiscated), but for a show last Monday night I found myself too engrossed dancing along to a band playing for visual documentation.  I was trapped in the aural bliss of celebrated pop act Of Montreal at The Pageant, a show I had meant to write about but was merely left included among our Upcoming events page.  So far, I’m sad to say, visual accompanyment hasn’t shown up there, although it’s easily at the behest of my fellow Flickrites and citizen journalists to fill this void.  Aural accompaniment was the real draw, the one luring us out on a school night of the 1st degree to bask in the radient bliss of “The Sunlandic Twins”, and more recently the irrational exuberence of “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?”

The audience seemed unnaturally enthusiatic in comparison to a more typically subdued crowd for what could be commonly charecterized as an indie pop gathering, frequently jumping for joy and even cheering jubilantly for the sound check guy. The audience seemed dense around the bar and pit, although not quite a sell out.  As for any sell outs besides at the box office, let’s pretend they don’t exist.

It’s All For The Kids

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I’ve written before about the commercialization of indie rock, and hopefully no one thought of our not-quite rock stars as sellouts. Then again, anyone upset over Stephin Merritt lending a song for a dog food ad may be flat-out enraged over this:But for all their hocking of cell phones and cars, indie rockers give something back to the community, as illustrated by these child-friendly, puppet and CG filled television appearances:Eh, I never did like the Aquabats, can’t this show offer something better? That’s more like it.Of course, it probably all started with the band that more or less invented indie rock, from 1999: If a Jim Hensonized Kate Pierson imitator is too much for you, revel in your hipster irony with this, the most dour songwriter on a kid’s network for adults. 

Cue theme music

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I need to admit that I am a public radio junkie.  I have a radio in nearly every room of my home, usually pretuned to one of two local stations.  My name in Matt Hurst, and I am addicted to NPR.

Unfortunately for me, Saint Louis has the public radio affiliate equivalent of a cigarette company; KWMU is as iconic as it is addictive.  And while it may have lost it’s Marlboro Man in meteorologist Ben Abell, St. Louis on the Air remains an old habit of mine – a recent discussion of the CWE’s history is worth a listen.  But like so many otherwise interested citizens, I’m usually at work when the local show goes on the air (from 11am-noon on weekdays). 

So I’ve been using the show’s podcast to make my commute a little more civically engaging.  NPR uses their podcasts for nearly all their shows, but this week’s Fresh Air (with Terri Gross) might be worth a download; they’ll be interviewing hard rock bands, and thusly fulfilling Patton Oswald’s dream of making NPR sound more like the rebellious rocking intros of conservative talk radio.  As for more public radio recommendations, I can’t rule it out…

Previously: From the Department of Meteorology, Update on Ben Abell, and The Listening (Tap) Room.

Arlo To Go Solo, Go To So…IL?

August 27, 2007 at 10:25 pm | Posted in Concert, Gabe Bullard, Illinois, music, venue | Comments Off on Arlo To Go Solo, Go To So…IL?

Folk troubadour (and son of a folk troubadour) Arlo Guthrie will be bringing his “Solo Reunion Tour – ‘Together at Last'” to the area with a stop at the Espenschied Chapel in my hometown of Mascoutah, IL on October 14th.

The chapel is an intimate venue. As the name implies, it’s one large room with a small stage up front. Plus, it’s in a graveyard.

Tickets cost $100, so if you have…um, one of those things…what are they called? A job, you can go.

Visit the chapel website for more info.

Here’s a list of Arlo and cemetery jokes I avoided making in this post:
Dying to get in?
Fans know that Arlo “Don’t want to die,” but he’s coming to a graveyard anyway.
Don’t you know Arlo? He’s your native son.
And, in the interest of fairness, my Mom is on the chapel committee. If I made that more obvious in the story, a “Ballad of Gabriel’s Mother” joke could be tossed in. Of course, I’m not sure how many of our readers are familiar with Arlo’s lyrics or library, which is why I left these jokes out.

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