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Soup Man

I noticed a post on an stl blog about an ad for the Soup Man Kitchen, expressing surprise that a relic from the Seinfeld era of celebrity has set up shop in town… the only thing I can say is, having eaten at this place over a year ago, I can vouch that it’s at least that old, if not more… come on blogosphere keep up with the meatspace news!

For those of you who haven’t tried it out, It’s a pretty good place, with decent options (including Vegetarian and Vegan friendly options), and it doesn’t cost too much (the same as any quick lunch downtown). Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood (although I’ll still stick to Sen Thai, or the sandwiches at City Grocers).


Zia’s on the Hill

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Normally restaurant reviews are something I don’t normally do.  I feel compelled to though for the restaurant that I went to Friday night.

Although I’ve called St. Louis home for two years I had never experienced the Hill and the things it has to offer.  I never knew that there was an area of St. Louis that had so much red, white, and green.  The place of chosen interest for our evening was a restaurant known as Zia’s, a restaurant that has been around since 1984.

Zia’s is an Italian restaurant that tries to make you feel like honored guests instead of customers.  The entire night we were promptly attended to by a very polite server, although he forgot to bring butter when he served us bread.  What caught me was the aroma I got when I first sat down; it was as if I was in a house and I could smell our dinner already cooking.  The air was tantalizing with the smell of different pastas, which was very good, and the Cannelloni that I had was fantastic.  

Pasta is a food I don’t dabble in often, and it was fun to try something new. Unfortunately I felt like the food wasn’t adequate enough quantity wise to justify its cost.  The bill total was actually pretty decent for a nice meal for two, only about twenty-five dollars.  I just expect to get more when I pay more. Still my experience at Zia’s was a positive one and if you are in the mood for some great Italian, or a fun new place to take that significant other, then I definitely suggest giving Zia’s a try.  Being at Zia’s will feel like being right at home.

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