Breaking: Busch to be relocated

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Just as legendary announcer Harry Caray demonstrates in this commercial for Budweiser beer, eternal rivals St. Louis and Chicago continue to carry out their feud by poaching their best talent.  Looks like former baseball Cardinals owner Anheuser-Busch isn’t above pandering to Cubs fans, who also borrowed Cardinals talent off the field and in their bars.

As for the relocation, I was refering to the aforementioned talent and advertising dollars.



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rock paper scissors

You’re left with 3 choices tonight as usual: 1.) Go home, 2.) Stay at home, or 3.) Play Rock Paper Scissors to decide what to do. All around the world tonight Thursday April 17th, people will compete in a tournament to decide who’s best, and that is something you can actually do if you play the right hand. One such tournament will take place in the Sunnen Lounge at Webster University via ONE, who remind us that:

No experience is needed to compete, so whether you have used RPS to make major decisions, or you have no idea what we are talking about, come compete for prizes and the chance to be crowned Webster University Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion.
Host and Referee Blake Symphony will kick off the night at 9:30, and Double B will DJ till 11 p.m.
Though RPS is a very competitive and intense sport, it is not as serious as baseball or basketball, so feel free to act a fool or come dressed as your alter ego or whatever!

First you’ll want to study a strategy, and a few online practice rounds couldn’t hurt. The event is definetely open to the public, so bring your A-game and some adhesive bandages for all those paper cuts and bashed hands.

Intramural Kickball

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kickballDespite the water-soaked and unusualkly muddy earth, kickball enthusiasts of all shoes and stripes came out last Sunday afternoon to play. As they’ll be doing every Sunday at 4pm on the fields of Eden Seminary, students of Webster University will play in temas of 6 to 8 in this league organized by Campus Activites and fraternity Delta Upsilon (Webster’s new, first fraternity).  You can sign up for teams at the University Center front desk, or just for kicks show up any Sunday through May 4th 2008 and cheer on your favorite team.

Word on the street is that other kickball teams are forming around the Saint Louis area this spring and summer.  The St. Louis Kickball Association ( has already gone through their fourth week of play, bringing htem halfway through the season already.  Residents of Des Peres are starting their own Tuesday evening co-rec Kickball League starting April 8th, although as much as half your team of diamond runners may indeed come from other townships.  And we’ll keep adding games to our calendar as we find them.

Texas vs. Washington

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We don’t usually comment on political stories, especially before important primaries; with no offense intended to those who blog on the subject, we consider our blog relatively apolitical (if only because we have about zero credibility to analyze this subject).  At least we have the common sense not endorse any candidates since the Missouri primary was particularly close in either party’s primaries.  That being said, you might consider tomorrow night’s primary to be a little like NBA Jam: Primary Edition. 

For everyone who doesn’t remember this arcade basketball classic, this 2-on-2 basketball game from the early 1990s played loose on the rules and big with slam dunks – just like politics!  The game’s creators must have made the comparison themselves, because among the hidden characters included in the game were both then President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.  According to our research Clinton’s  stats are actually all “?”s, which could be reflected likewise in the super-delegate count.  Of course these statistics are probably skewed, as Chicago’s other most famous player Michael Jordan is not playable in the game.  And although Barrack Obama is not playable in the game, considering his stretch of at least 10 successive wins we would imagine that he is “on fire!” by anyone’s definition. 

“Is it in the shoes?”  To find out, we ran a short simulation of a game between the San Antonio Spurs to represent Senator Clinton’s campaign in Texas (because the Dallas Mavericksare leaning toward McCain presumably) and the Washington Wizards to represent Barrack Obama.  (Hey, it works for the Superbowl).  And although Hillary Clinton was backed with the endorsement of Dream Team player David Robinson, the Washington Wizards held on to a narrow lead in the second half to win the game 53-48 (which we think are nearly usable as percentage points).  So depending on your political affiliation this might be the result you’re expecting this Tuesday March 2nd, although it should probably be noted the game also includes Will Smith, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, and Sub Zero as unlockable characters as well – all of whom should be available to fill cabinet positions.

Hwy61 Sports

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It could rightly be pointed out that the etymology of STL stems not from an airport or an abbreviation, but maybe from the baseball Cardinals logo who where such an abbreviation is found on their hat.  Of course it’s that time of year again when grown people obsess over young men and it’s not called pedophilia – Spring Training in the Cardinal nation.  It seems like even your most anaerobic geek (like me) even gets a little giddy talking about world series prospects, so I can only imagine what actual fans of that sport and “our team” must be going through this time.

Every once in awhile I get a glimpse into this vast world of online sports forums, but only recently did I discover one of the most popular blogs – Future Redbirds.  I asked my usual friends who keep up with these kind of things for some (ahem) inside baseball info, and found a friend who used to work with this uber-popular site’s founder; he tells me that writer is actually within the Cardinals organization. So I shouldn’t surprised when I found this incredible story there.

It turns out the Cardinals are asking their fans to help them out by recommending prospects for their scouts this year.  Which is great news for all those baseball fans online who love talking about prospects anyway.   Hey, it beats all the bad news bears we’ve heard about those players lately.

In related news another friend of ours, albeit with more “Sporty” inclinations, decided to write about another local sports team.  Unfortunately he did not necessarily have uplifting news from the SLU Women’s basketball team.  With so much attention having been paid to SLU’s fancy new basketball arena being built down the street, it’s interesting to consider what will happen to this old sports palace.  And speaking of college basketball, it’s almost that time of year again…

the kick

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Students play a scrimmage game of soccer on the Quad (in front of the University Center) of Webster University, seen here last Tuesday November 20th. Although it’s not totally uncommon to see students playing on campus at a school, I must admit being a little compelled by the gameplay. Webster also has soccer teams, but perhaps thats the appeal of what appeared to be an spontaneous contest on the quad. And although Webster has no football team, a little game would break out sometime shortly following the close of this game.

Governor’s Cup (civic pride)

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We’re brimming with civic pride in anticipation of this year’s Missouri Governor’s Cup game, that annual contest between our professional football powerhouse Rams and Kansas City’s “team” – the Chiefs.  So confident are we in the greatest show on turf (do they still call the Rams that?), that we’re willing to make a public wager over the I-70 series (aka The Battle of Missouri).

Of course in order to make a cross-state blog wager, we had to find the right blog in Kansas City to take on.  Meet Chimpotle. He has a taste for O’Fallon Beer, thinks lowly of Gabriel’s fighting abilities,  and will pay us in straight cash.  He took the bait, adding that “It’s on like Donkey Kong…That baby blue could use a nice blood red paint job.”

That being said, our wager is friendly – we’ll be trading paint jobs.  Should our Rams win the Governor’s Cup game tonight, he’ll have to use our team’s colors in his blog’s theme for all of this Labor Day weekend.  And vice versa. 

Of course we’ll bring it on like we’re a land assemblage tax credit and he’s governor Matt Blunt.  Either way it’s bound for local control…(stay tuned)

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