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bulletin board with flyers on itWith a bulletin board that looks like this, no wonder this blog might fall behind in sharing the best shows, events, and nouns around town (see previous post for details).  It’s hard enough to filter through the flyers to find something worthwhile, much less stumble across the right dead-tree media.  It’s easy to understand why kids in the county don’t know what’s going on in the city, and vice versa.  To say nothing about the uselessness that MySpace has become in spite of it’s ubiquity (browsing through the same profiles with the same regularity of routine around your neighborhood).

Fortunately this medium gives us the opportunity to do something about it ourselves.  Thanks to technology we can cast the widest net, while delivering the specific content people are searching for.  For instance, if I wanted to announce an event, let’s say a Blog Party, I could publish an articlelist an event others can add to their calendar, and let people invite their friends within my control.  In that same process, I have created driving directions, made a collective photo album, and helped set up the next activity.  And we can’t say enough about The Circuit, which gives us the local community connection that other Social Networks have lost.  Which helps make sure people don’t just hear about your event, but actually helping you make sure they show up for it.  Oh, and then published pieces like this are made after we find out about your concert/show/venue/store/blog/etc…

Highway 61 (revised) is not just a blog, so much as it is a community that brings attention to worthwhile people and places.  We use social bookmarks to share the news we find, pool photos that inspire us, tune each other in to good tunes, keep each other up to date on events, and put Saint Louis back on the map.  Occasionally, we publicly post articles to make sure that word is spread, but with your help it could be much more…

If you are interested in becoming a contributor/author to Highway 61 (revised), we’re interested in helping your voice be heard.  So far we’ve used our multiple contributor format share different perspectives and earn readers with regular updates.  Since you’re appearantly among that audience, you probably have a good idea what we’re about.  So if you’re still interested in becoming a contributor to our blog, please contact us either via The Circuit or myself directly @ skewgee at yahoo dot com.  And check back here soon for an announcement you’d probably expect as the first thing we’d be working on…


August 25th and The Lot (plus a pre-party)

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poster for the lot festival, august 25thMark your social calendars now (if you haven’t already): August 25th is bound to become the busiest weekend of your year.  Between international festivals, bike rides/flash mob, and the glorious return of the Webster Film Series, you probably would have trouble dropping existing commitments.  Fortunately for us @ Highway 61, the choice has been made exceedingly simple – we’ll be helping Bill Streeter make documentary video of The Lot.

If you haven’t heard about The Lot already, you will soon from your favorite bands (or at least in a note slipped in recent Schlafly 6-pack deliveries).  This 9th annual, one-day festival promises to deliver the best in local music in less than 24 hours.  And for FREE.  We’ll trust that you can find out for yourself all the reasons you’ll want to make plans to attend the show, although we’ll mention a few of our faves: Jumbling Towers, 7 shot screamers, and belly dancing.  But we’re obligated to mention (for calendar marking purposes) that the show will take place in the parking lot of the Schlafly Tap Room on 21st & Locust from 5:00 pm-1:30 am on August 25th.

And if for some reason you are unable to attend the Lot (or are just as impatient as us), you can attend a preview/pre-party this Wednesday August 15th.  Taking place in the Lucas School House on 1200 Allen Ave. between 8 pm and midnight, this set will include local band favorites Sex Robots, Upright Animals, and Grand Beauty, for a cover of $5 that includes a specialty drink.  Of course that free drink means the show will be 21+, but don’t let that get in the way of helping support the free show taking place 10 days later.  We suspect that if you’ve read this far, we’ll see you there, but if now you can’t say we didn’t tell you so.

Love Tester @ Happy Joe’s

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With summer flings in full swoon this summer, you might need a means to test the veracity of your lover.  Fortunately there is in fact a machine that will scientifically measure the strength of your love, the Love Tester.  As demonstrated in the above video by yours truly, the Love Tester was also used by fellow Highway 61 contributor Lauren “Hot Stuff” Reid (check out her video on youtube).

This amusement machine is among many others at Happy Joe’s family restaurant (see more with FlickR photos here), which wouldn’t be a bad place for a date with your summer fling.  In fact, Happy Joe’s is just one of many popular pizza parlors in this slice of St Louis County, including my old favorite Fortel’s Pizza Den.  And if your date is on a diet, just remind them that the games are “harmless” (heh).

Links with Your Coffee – 6/24

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You know the downside of writing a local blog?  All these stories, links galore, and never enough time to write about them all much less actually check them out.  But because we love to pass on good things to our friends (ie readers), who unflailingly give us the heads up as well, we’d like to share a few of our favorites this past week.

As for coffee with these links, we’re wondering if any of our readers would like to join us over a cup.  We’d love to trade notes/links with you during one of our meetings, but maybe leaving a thought or two in the comments would suffice.  Until then, freshen your coffee with some link action?

Links with Your Coffee – 6/17

June 17, 2007 at 12:02 am | Posted in Coffee links, meta, staff | 1 Comment

With another week gone by, we couldn’t help but pass on these links to freshen up your coffee.  Just in case you missed these stories this last week, here’s some of our favorite highlights and discoveries:

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Surfing with a soundtrack

June 10, 2007 at 10:04 pm | Posted in meta, music, staff | 1 Comment

Now accepting new members, we’d like to extend an invitation for interested parties to join us on last.fm .  And if you’re as interested as us in hearing some more local flavor, we know you’ll add your musical ingredients.  For now, here’s the sound From a Buick 6…


“Yes I think it can be very easily done”…

May 21, 2007 at 9:28 am | Posted in meta, staff | Comments Off on “Yes I think it can be very easily done”…

Ask people around St. Louis what Highway 61 means, and you’ll get a few different ideas (if not just puzzled looks):

1.)  Depending on the part of town, some people in St. Louis will coreectly identify a local stretch of US Route 61 on what could be any number of highways and interstates (you’ll really have to check the signs), including Lemay Ferry, Lindbergh/Kirkwood, and a large thrust of highway 40/I-64.  consult google maps for further such misadventures.

2.) A certain tradition of college graduates and students will immediately refer to the popular Bob Dylan record “Highway 61 Revisited“, which has seemingly been passed from generation to generation of students.  This seminal work of the influencial musician was also his most popular, and thusly still popular in circles all around town.

3.)  Just like you’ll get if you ask someone in St Louis for any directions, they’ll offer directions to the route even if they don’t have the least clue where to go…(seriously, try this)

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