Benefit Concert: A Triptych

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Act One – The Chapel

There is a new venue in town for musicians and artists: The Chapel, located behind Memorial Presbyterian Church on Skinker, across the street from Forest Park.  According to the website, The Chapel is not-for-profit venue, musician and artist centered, providing a venue (as well as beer, wine and soda) completely free of charge.  That means, if a band charges a cover to get in, they take home 100% of the money they bring in.  All in the spirit of supporting the arts and renewing the city of St. Louis.

Act Two – International Justice Mission

These guys are like the James Bonds of Christian missionaries.  International Justice Mission goes into the darkest corners of the world and does what it can to bring about justice.  In their own words:

International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.In the tradition of abolitionist William Wilberforce and transformational leaders like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, Jr., IJM’s work is founded on the Christian call to justice articulated in the Bible (Isaiah 1:17): Seek justice, protect the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.

In practical terms, IJM does stuff like infiltrating sex trafficking rings and busts them up.  Amazing work that is desperately needed.

Act Three – The Cathedrals

Hailing from Chicago, The Cathedrals are Jon Baker and Rachel Stewart, who together create simple and intimate music, in the alt-folk tradition.  Two voices and a guitar, do you really need anything else?


So, how does this all come together?  Quite beautifully in fact.  Find out for yourself tonight, when you can see The Cathedrals play at The Chapel at 7:00pm as a benefit concert for International Justice Mission.  Admission is free, and beer, wine or soda (pick your poison) are included in the price of admission – but we hope that once you are there you will find it in your heart to contribute something to such a worthy cause.


Dewey Decimal Drinks

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If it seems like there is a night for everyday of the month which a group shares drinks for every subculture not big enough to open their own bar, its probably because there is.  You’ve been a liberal drinker for the causes you support and you’re particular about the environment that you drink in, but what if you would prefer to look up the right watering hole in the card catalog? 

You’ll probably find it filed under new to us (and maybe old news to you) using the Dewey Decimal Drinks system.  This monthly meeting of librarians, bibliophiles, and literati will be bringing drinks in tow with what Curious Feet St. Louis describes as:

a low key evening…formulaic romance novel mad libs for your entertainment, and there’ll be somethin’ along the lines of Barbarella or Attack of the 50 ft Woman on TV for your enjoyment. Because there is nothing more romantic than gigantic, murderous women and bookish mad libs, if you ask me.

And with a tag line like “because reading is for lovers”, you’d best be prepared to bring your stylish frames and not your daily reading glasses, or else hope that beer goggles will be distributed.

If the promise of clinking glasses of many varieties and the musk of trashy acid-free paperback novels isn’t enough, this month’s meeting will take place in The Sci-Fi Lounge who are known to only open their doors to that which will be truly awesome (and if you don’t believe me, take Bill Streeter’s word for it from almost exactly one year ago).  Those doors open at 8pm this Thursday February 21st, which gives you plenty of time to cook your own dinner since only some pizza and hipster-handgrenades will be made available for those who don’t.  Or at least a little extra time to catch up on your reading.

Selling out (part 2) – Fishbone plays the City Museum

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Next on our concert calendar – Fishbone will have a special performance at the City Museum this Wednesday, November 21st at 8pm.  With limited seating the tickets might already be sold out, but we’ll try to stick out the $15 tickets to see these notable forerunners of Ska.  See you there!

You can keep up with the latest concerts, plays, events, and eronious ongoings in Saint Louis with the Highway 61 Upcoming events page, where you can keep track of your own events by adding them to your own calendar or just via RSS.  (There’s even things to do on Thanksgiving)

Arlo To Go Solo, Go To So…IL?

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Folk troubadour (and son of a folk troubadour) Arlo Guthrie will be bringing his “Solo Reunion Tour – ‘Together at Last'” to the area with a stop at the Espenschied Chapel in my hometown of Mascoutah, IL on October 14th.

The chapel is an intimate venue. As the name implies, it’s one large room with a small stage up front. Plus, it’s in a graveyard.

Tickets cost $100, so if you have…um, one of those things…what are they called? A job, you can go.

Visit the chapel website for more info.

Here’s a list of Arlo and cemetery jokes I avoided making in this post:
Dying to get in?
Fans know that Arlo “Don’t want to die,” but he’s coming to a graveyard anyway.
Don’t you know Arlo? He’s your native son.
And, in the interest of fairness, my Mom is on the chapel committee. If I made that more obvious in the story, a “Ballad of Gabriel’s Mother” joke could be tossed in. Of course, I’m not sure how many of our readers are familiar with Arlo’s lyrics or library, which is why I left these jokes out.

Music venue overload

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Jumbling Towers playing @ Cicero's during the RFT Local Music ShowcaseJust when support for the local music scene was reaching it’s breaking point, comes even more good news on the horizon.  Beyond the realm of mere bumper sticker patronage, proud citizens and local bands are stepping up to fill in the void of venues we so desperately needed.

Our friends at A to Z blog (by way of the RFT) have the scoop (as usual) on two new local venues.  Brothers Brandon and Nate Drexeler (of Jumbling Towers) are bringing local music downtown again @ 2 Cents Plain on Olive Street, which will open in September according to Annie Zaleski’s interview.  Annie also gave us the heads up on Foam, a coffeehouse/bar or sorts crafting its shows like it’s original brews (or so we understand) right on the corner of Jefferson and Cherokee, putting it in the heart of the continuously emerging Cherokee Station.

And while your support for the local music scene might be best exemplified by these fine cultural contributors, our friends from Cruisin’ Route 66 have a few casual methods to support the local scene.  With all these new venues, now we just wonder which ones Beatle Bob will patronize each week.

So you think you CAN’T dance?

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About a month and a half ago I was pretty sure I couldn’t dance, and well I was a little worried since wedding season was coming around.  Not to mention the potential embarrassment should my respective other have a better sense of musicality than me.  Fortunately, Lauren had the same idea around the same time, and a few Lindy Swing dance lessons later, I feel like I can cut a rug.

But you can cut a rug too (although wood floors might be a bit easier).  While we were still in class, we learned about the Monday Club in Webster Groves, a monthly Saturday-night celebration of swing dance (yeah, we thought it was an old fad too when we started).  At the MC (or Monday Club) you can expect to pay a couple bucks to learn a whole new dance and it’s steps without the need for any experience (or partner, since you’ll be switching partners quite a bit).  It might not make for the best date, but after the first hour’s lesson you can pick up a date on the massive 2000+ square feet of a wood dancefloor, and dance the night away with DJ’d music for the next three hours.

If you still think you can’t dance, this is the chance to do something about that (no need to be intimidated by the fancy footwork, just come back like we will).  The next Monday Club will take place Saturday July. 28th from 7-11 PM, and the one-hour lesson will only set you back $6 (a bargain considering the $20 we paid to learn the whole thing separately).  And although you might see some wallflowers on the way in to this venue with a domestic-resembling exterior, wallflowers are probably not the best inclusion on this date.  (although we’ll offer a wallflower perspective while we were catching our breath via a FlickR photoset)

Sneak peak: The Bluebird

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Because we’ll probably check out every event we’re officially invited to, we printed up our tickets and made a trip to a special open house @ the Bluebird.  As St. Louis’ newest concert venue, you’ve probably already heard about their Grand Opening this Saturday July 14th, 2007.

Instead of waiting for a more appropriate showcase of local acts, which the venue already showcases via framed poster art (albeit for other venues thus far), we thought we’d share the sneak peak at the venue for you.  And while a majority of our Flickr photoset involves an empty floor and/or Beffa’s (which is adjacent to the venue), we can say that the venue was pretty packed for a casual DJ set by the time we were on our way out the door.  Quite frankly, I was surprised not to see booties shaking to the sounds of LCD Soundsystem playing.

And don’t be fooled by the adjacent parking just because the venue lacks clear signage leading you in, because we already heard murmurs from staff on our way in (from the back entrance) that such indicators are on their way.  In the meantime, the venue has a spacious dancefloor, an adjacent bar, and even a little couch to crash on with as many of your buddies you can fit on it.  Clearly the Bluebird is poised to fill the void left among local music venues drawing national acts in place of the Hi-Pointe, etc.  Hope to see you there sometime soon

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