Non Return Glass Cans

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Hair of the Dog Monday continues, with this ad for Falstaff beer:

Contrary to this ad from a former St. Louis brewer, these bottles are now highly returnable.  Although you won’t get a return of deposit in Missouri or Illinois, please find out more about the recycling program in your neighborhood.


Here’s to you, St. Louis

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More than ever, in this campaign season:

Made in St. Louis, that means a lot to me. I give my best to you…

The Saint Louis Shag

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Last week we wrote about Sock Hops in Saint Louis, and our rich history of dance.  This video from the 1970s shows one of those dances, the St. Louis Shag as performed by a couple of St. Louis’ better performers (at their age at least).  If you don’t dig on the music, skip ahead to about 1:30 into the clip to see this versatile dance being used to an electric bluesy-rock song.  We found a few more examples of this dance, and thanks to loyal reader Lori for the tip.

Bad news Blues

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For everyone who has been left stranded when their concert was canceled tonight, we thought we’d give you a show of our own; the video above is of Bessie Smith performing the “St. Louis Blues“.  This clip is from a 1929 film of the same name (ironically filmed in Queens, New York City) is the only known footage of the late Bessie Smith, who would eventually have her life taken by the Blues Highway, in a tragic car accident and subsequent mistreatment on US Highway 61.

If you’re not in the mood for that epic recording, we offer this classic music of the Dave Brubeck Quartet performing their rendition of the “St. Louis Blues“.  It may not be as hip, but you can’t deny that the sounds of that critically-acclaimed jazz group will ironically cheer you up.

Medical School

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We always wondered why SLU students were so intense academically and how they seem to be able to hold so many drinks?  This clip from SLU22, Saint Louis University’s student produced closed circuit channel, offers one explanation of both questions for students from their medical school.  It is lovingly titled “Pancakes Every Day”.

Actually this clip raises more questions than answers to both questions.  Especially following the creepy advertisement we highlighted yesterday, we’re still scratching our heads about exactly what happens on that campus.  Maybe some of us will never understand the higher reaches of academia. 

Or maybe we need more writers from a greek campus.  Any students from SLU interested in writing on this blog, if only as a guest contributor who can answer these questions, is welcome to write us – hwy 61 revised at gmail dot com .  At least one of our writers is from a greek campus, and they go to school in another town.  We hope you can enlighten us and all our readers by sharing your perspective as a student (and not just one representing your school), and the same should be said for interested students around Saint Louis.

Asking Archy

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We’re getting really excited for the Lo-Fi Saint Louis Reset Party on March 8th; excited enough to write another post about the night.  But since it would be impolite to repeat ourselves, maybe it’d be more fun to share one of our favorite clips from  You might call it the official promo for Lo-Fi’s original launch party:

And then we remembered that Lo-Fi has had trouble in the past with off-site coping of their original work.  So we wondered if it was something in the name of the site that might make it hard remember to link back and give them credit, but it has never the less been a successful website.  So we asked the best source for answers on the Internet, Archy, if “does adding STL in your website name make you more successful?”  For some reason Archy didn’t have any answers.

Almost all of the more successful sites that focus on Saint Louis, or at least those without a major media outlet to launch them with, use the prefix “STL” in their title:,,, and even  Television station KTVI even went so far as to rebrand their website under the moniker  That isn’t to say that “STL” is synonymous with great (or poor) content, and we can think of a few notable exceptions to this rule, only that websites with a local focus tend to gravitate towards using that prefix in their names to attract their civic minded readers.

This three letter prefix, which is nearly indecipherable to those from outside the metro area, has sufficed where other local references are rarely attempted.  That is to say why not use an area code or that giant monument in the middle of a park instead?  Saint Louis city alone has 78 neighborhoods, which in any other urban area would probably factor into a few website names.  You don’t see an or from their respective communities, although to be fair the density of those metros might contribute to a greater neighborhood orientation.  Gabe Bullard says that Louisville in Kentucky treats their neighborhoods like we treat our high schools, with the same fierce rivalries; growing up in and around Saint Louis can be a bit disorienting.  I’m not even going to bother with the etymology of making an abbreviation out of an abbreviation.

Highway 61 (revised) is in the process of obtaining one of those .com names, but not without some name change. is even a site that sells domain names. 
We were kind of hoping to unveil our own new name and new look around the same time as the Reset Party, and a couple other notable blogs (without STL in their names no less) have made similar transitions lately.  As our site transitions from a blog back into an online magazine again, something as simple as remembering the address and what is going to be important.  So far our name is a big part of forming the identity of what our site has been about, but we wanted to ask our readers first, especially since Archy doesn’t seem to have any answers for us – Just what’s in a name anyway?


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Not so much a correction as much as an addendum to a previous post, in which we had claimed that Highway 61 (revised) had a monopoly as a student-written blog in the Saint Louis area.  Although this is patently wrong when including online publication of school newspapers, besides 52nd City’s newest contributor, has taken up a few new interns to offer young peoples’ perspective on politics.  Antonio French even went so far as to post a YouTube highlighting their newest contributors.

I should probably apologize for this and other comically misleading remarks written due to my poor sense of editorial judgement, such as this post last week in which I use sarcasm to mischaracterize an article written for .  We hope students and graduates alike will consider us as a (mostly) reliable source of information online in the future.

Press Reset

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When you’re performing music in front of a crowd and you’re not sure which chord to play next you can’t press the reset button and start again from the beginning. But that’s exactly what local favorites The Helium Tapes and The 75s will assist in the process of during the Lo-Fi Saint Louis Reset Party. 

Considering the relative mystery surrounding last moth’s announcement of LoFi’s indefinite hiatus, which neatly coincided with their being a featured podcast on iTunes, everyone was asking what Saint Louis’ favorite son (albeit in terms of video podcasting) was going to do next.  All questions will be answered on Saturday March 8th at 8pm when Bill Streeter and friends show off their new look in the Mad Art Gallery.

Here’s how Bill Streeter put it in an e-mail he sent:

…As you may or may not know I took a little time off at the beginning of this year to revamp and rethink some of the things I’ve been doing with LO-FI. I also wanted to make some time to do some other projects, and generally just recharge my creative batteries. So I’m getting anxious to get things rolling again. And to promote the fact that I’m back with LO-FI (on March 1st) I wanted to throw a party. So you are invited to attend the RESET PARTY on March 8th (Saturday) at 8pm at the Mad Art Gallery. I’ve booked some great bands to play and there will also be some video and other entertainment. All the details can be found here. So I really hope to see you there!

Highway 61 (revised) also has some good news to celebrate, so we hope to celebrate with our friends as well at that party.  And don’t forget to RSVP with your favorite source, be it Myspace, Upcoming, or the Facebook, because there are no do-overs for reservations in spite of the party’s name.

Lay overs

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On top of a monstrous list of canceled classes and events this last week, you can add this week’s episode of Diggnation.  The show, which was taped in front of a live audience last Wednesday, had originally been scheduled to be broadcast at 7pm this Friday February 22nd.  But since the ice storm left so many flight grounded, that show has been delayed in its premier.  Instead they’re offering this teaser episode filmed in Lambert Int’l Airport, or what better might be Diggnation STL proper if you prefer.  And for extra credit you can read their own harrowing account of braving the Free-Wi-Fi-less Winters of St. Louis stuck in their weather related lay over.

In other winter weather related news:

Diggnation STL

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It was the kind of event where individuals crawl out of the woodwork from all around, only to look at each other in amazement that so many other people could share the same interests.  This last Wednesday night, the Revision3 podcast Diggnation came to tape an episode in front a a live audience at the Moulin in Saint Louis, Missouri.  That audience, which I can only estimate as around 3000+ (or according to Digg probably everyone who voted for Ron Paul), gathered to celebrate the value of shared links that have evolved into a social culture.  Watch for yourself as Saint Louis’ most devoted Digg enthusiasts (and curious folk like myself) devolve into a sort of nerdcore fraternity chanting “Diggnation, Diggnation” following their deafening cheers (nearly 1 minute long by my measure):

My favorite moment is around 1:40 into the video when fans cheer alternately for Kevin as he raises his Apple laptop and then for Alex as he raises his PC laptop.  This live taping, sponsored and most likely arranged by local favorites Anheuser-Busch (who reminded our hosts to “drink responsibly”), was frequently interrupted by attending fans as exemplified in the above video clip.  Fortunately such taping in front of a live audience will be subject to lots of editing, and although the show will last only around 30 minutes the taping lasted nearly three times that long, so I thought it might be interesting to show some of the impromptu moments that will probably become outtakes.

Here the hosts lead the crowd to cheer for later editing into the episode:  

Some fans procured some free cans of AB’s newest beverage, an energy drink, upon the invitation of the hosts.

Our hosts wrap up their show, finally sucumbing to the crowd’s demands to chug their beers in defiance of AB’s wishes to “drink responsibly” at the 21+ only event:

Not that this was a production was anything less than professional; the techs made a point to show two LCD projected screens on either side of the stage showing live footage being captured and the material that will be edited in later using the same software the show is likely edited in.  There was a palpable sense of validation carrying the spirit of the crowd, their vocal enthusiasm merely some expression that their otherwise solitary activities has met some social acceptability in the presence of others, devolving into the a throng of cheers.  So yes, it was fun.  I can Digg.

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