Webster Student Film Festival

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To be followed shortly by the Senior Overview Showcase on May 10th. Hosted by the Webster Film & Video Society in the Winifred Moore Auditorium on Webster University starting at 7pm. Admission is FREE and open to the public. Consider this as a Film Geek Weekend.


3 things (we wanted to write about)

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May 3rd could be the busiest day on your social calendar…if it weren’t also finals season. So here are at least 3 ongoings around St. Louis we meant to write about (and one more we already have) but haven’t gotten around to during finals.

  • Webster University will be hosting a Global Ecology Conference, which looks a lot more interesting than that sounds. Starting at 10am learned people will be giving lecture until 5pm, including visiting professor Kumar who has organized the conference. Or you can skip class and show up for vegetarian dinner with local eats, cocktail, and famous vegan and Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich. The whole day is only $15 for students (free for Webster Students) or $25 for the general public.
  • Some enterprising business folk have organized a fiesta on Cherokee Street so that we can celebrate Cinco de Mayo (on the 3rd of May). And a couple other spots around town will be hanging up pinatas and serving cervesa this Saturday.
  • Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday. Check the site for the closest participating store near you, but we would suggest running but Star Clipper in the Delmar Loop, who will host live appearances by a pair of superheros. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the display from the 3rd annual Munny Show and pick up your free comic book.
  • Kinematifest, Webster University’s first animation and interactive media festival.  Films will be screened almost immediately following that Ecology Conference Dinner

Keep up with local events, even when we don’t have time to write about them – subscribe the 61revised.com events calendar.


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rock paper scissors

You’re left with 3 choices tonight as usual: 1.) Go home, 2.) Stay at home, or 3.) Play Rock Paper Scissors to decide what to do. All around the world tonight Thursday April 17th, people will compete in a tournament to decide who’s best, and that is something you can actually do if you play the right hand. One such tournament will take place in the Sunnen Lounge at Webster University via ONE, who remind us that:

No experience is needed to compete, so whether you have used RPS to make major decisions, or you have no idea what we are talking about, come compete for prizes and the chance to be crowned Webster University Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion.
Host and Referee Blake Symphony will kick off the night at 9:30, and Double B will DJ till 11 p.m.
Though RPS is a very competitive and intense sport, it is not as serious as baseball or basketball, so feel free to act a fool or come dressed as your alter ego or whatever!

First you’ll want to study a strategy, and a few online practice rounds couldn’t hurt. The event is definetely open to the public, so bring your A-game and some adhesive bandages for all those paper cuts and bashed hands.

St. Louis Hegelians

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Henry C. Brockman, a leader among St. Louis HegeliansIt is only through Hegelianism that we are to know that between Saint Louis (thesis) and Chicago and its great fire (antithesis) we will find “The future great city of the world”; although a baseball philosopher might also be able to make similar deductions, Yogi Berra has yet to make this observation.  To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hegelians in St. Louis, Webster University has taken it upon themselves to confer not just local philosophers and historians, but has called a national conference to reexamine the philosophical movements spurred by St. Louis Hegelians.  For those of you less familiar with the movement:

The St. Louis Hegelians are one of the most important movements of American cultural history. Founded in the 19th century by an eclectic set of St. Louis school teachers and amateur philosophers, this group helped bring German philosophy (especially the philosophy of Hegel) to the American continent. By adding their own unique American twist to this philosophy, the group is also responsible for taking the first major steps toward producing America’s wholly distinct philosophical tradition of Pragmatism.

Celebrating might not be pragmatic, especially given other social opportunities that Saturday, but it would be amiable to attend the lectures on Saturday April 12th which will begin at 9 in the morning.  And what location to hold this conference would be more appropriate than the Old Post Office in downtown St. Louis, which was a new fixture in the time of the Saint Louis Philosophical Society and today stands restored as a monument to pragmatic reuse.

Webbies Watch ’08

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*post Updated with corrections

Webbies sign, wrong day


For those of you unfamiliar with the controversy brewing at Webster University, tomorrow tonight will be the 19th annual Media Excellence Awards ceremony, affectionately termed ‘The Webbies’ by the students at Webster (not to be confused with the annual award honoring well made websites). The controversy arises from changes made to the student run awards show, and the classes that had previously run things – in years past students had come together to recognize the best work of the year, and after the first few years, the event garnered the attention of those in charge of the School of Communications – the event became a large annual production, run by two classes, striving each year to outdo the class that came before – as a soon-to-be graduate of the SOC at Webster, I can say that the Webbies production class was one of the best courses, and most beneficial experiences of my education in media.

Last year politics and censorship tore the Webbies apart, and this year the event is being run without the students at the helm. To those who argue that the Public Relations class still exists, I can only say this – the work they have done is lacking, and the SOC’s own personal spin doctor, has been behind most of the goings-on this year. But I digress – my thoughts on this matter have already been made a matter of public record. I don’t want to turn this blog into my own personal rant space (at least not for this issue, as it does no good and my energy is drained on this subject) but Matt and I couldn’t resist posting these pics –

These posters were foamcore written on with markers, put up – in the rain – less than a week before the Webbies (and they were only the second advertisements we’ve seen for the Webbies this year at all). Please note that the Webbies are taking place tomorrow tonight, April 8th 7th .



Maue out

Update: Contrary what was originally posted, the Media Excellence Awards is taking place on Monday, April 7th instead of Tuesday.  It might just be an editorial oversight, or it might be further indicative of the confusion organizing this event as this article details and as visually connoted in the pictures accompanying the article. – Edited by Matthew Hurst


Fesitival in motion: Kinematifest 2008

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kinecapAttention students of school, be you undergraduate, graduate, or still in high school (sorry doctors to be): You probably already have your own domain name, but now interactive media and animation students have their own festival.  Introducing the first annual Kinematifest, in which a Webster University chapter of SIGGRAPH have organized a juried collection of 2D and 3D animation, sequential art, digital compositions, and Interactive media.  Yes, that could mean you might submit your website (provided you’re still a student).

Although submission deadlines are fast approaching, the festival is on track to begin the weekend of May 2-4 at Webster University.  Since students for all schools are invited, there will be networking opportunities scheduled that weekend for students from various campuses (and off campus).  Of course all films will be screened on Webster University, most likely in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.  Check their website for further details, since it’s probably worth the LOL animation on the index page alone.

Film Student Showcases

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As a film students, I’m always looking for stories to tell and opportunities to get my work screened.  So when I got this message this morning from Highway 61 contributor Lauren Reid, I thought I’d pass it along not just to film students and geeks but animal lovers as well:

“Here’s something to do if you are a filmmaker: Cinema St. Louis and the Animal Protective Association of Missouri invite filmmakers living within a 120-mile radius of St. Louis to create a short film about the bond between people and their pets. Finalists will be showcased on the APA website, the APA MySpace page, YouTube and at the APA’s Grand Reopening Party. Cinema St. Louis will then choose one of the films to screen at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase in July. The entry deadline is April 1, 2008…
Here’s something that would be cute, a story about you and James. Could be fun since you two don’t really have quite the typical relationship between pets and owners. He’ll claw you during the day and sleep with you during the night.”

Besides my passive-aggressive cat, which you’re either unlikely or just unlucky to meet, you can catch other Screwball Comedies this and every proceeding Wednesday this semester. “Topics in Film Studies: Screwball Comedy” will be screening a series of films as part of a class on this film genre.  It will start off at 7:15pm this Wednesday with the Frank Capra classic “It Happened One Night“. All of the films will be screened in the Winifred Moore Auditorium, and admission is FREE.  We expect you show up for class on time every week, that is unless you get lost in a series of seemingly disconnected misadventures which lead you to where you actually need to be that night.

Snow Day revised

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Looks like Webster University has given me another chance to use a day as I see fit.  As usual schools have been canceled all over the Saint Louis area, and everyone with a blog has expressed their short fatige for snow.  This is the kind of day where Steve Patterson would write about the inequality of clearing snow off the streets for car owners and NOT clearing snow off the sidewalks for pedestrians – we’re hoping that day is sooner rather than later (get well soon).  Especially for anyone living within walking distance of Art Hill, which if my drive on flat raods was a preview, I would predict some of the best sledding ever.

So in spite of spinning out on the drive off campus, we were surprised to learn that Boeing employees on the second and third shifts had got a snow day too.  I thought I’d keep tabs on a couple other closings off campus, which I’ll update throughout the day.

  • Drinking Liberally, which we wrote about only last night, has been canceled this week.  Vanessa Carrol wanted to add that “We hope to see you all at our next regularly-scheduled meeting on the 13th,” in an e-mail sent out to alert the cancellation.
  • Strange Brew, the Webster Film Series’ monthly screening of cult films, is so far uneffected by the snow delay.  It’s still scheduled to take place at 8pm this Wednesday, March 5th at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood [63143].  And that’s good news since this month they’re showing “Robocop” (it’ll cost you $4), of which 52nd City gave an in-depth preview. Just thought I’d share some good news today.
  • A to Z blog has at least 3 concert cancelations (including one at The Bluebird that was listed on our public calendar), and some comments reveal further music shows canceled such as the Schwag who were to play at the now closed Off Broadway.  You can officially disregard the KDHX concert calendar for today.
  • Bill Streeter’s class is has been canceled for tonight.
  • Night classes pretty much everywhere have been canceled due to inclement weather.

Photographers Wanted

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We haven’t checked in on our friends at InsideSTL.com since…ever.  That site, which is almost certainly Saint Louis’ most visited independent media organization, probably doesn’t need much more link love.

What they do need, apparently, is a new photographer.  Besides their entertaining writing staff, it’s pretty clear that photography has played a big role in introducing the site to the community at large, one drunken portrait of a night on the landing at a time.  That marketing tactic, brilliant as it may be, does not come without a cost to InsideSTL.com .

We found this flyer around Webster University, promising work for any student (although it didn’t specify age, I’d imagine 21+) willing to work 2-3 nights a week taking pictures on assignment with a compensation of $60 per night.  The picture quality of this flyer, which assuredly will/should not be used as part of an application for this work, is largely the result of using a cameraphone.  You should send additional queries and your resume to make Contact at insideSTL .com .

UPDATE:  While we were competing over photographs, we’d like to take the opportunity to recognize the winner of our own photo caption contest last week – Adrian, who is the author of An Obsolete Vernacular.  You can check the post for all the entries, knowing full well that we’ll usually pick the nerdiest answer.

Bring the Notes!

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Chuck DYeah boy! Chuck D is coming to Webster University this Monday February 25th, not just to Bring the Noise but also to Bring his Insight; you might want to bring your notebook to jot down a few notes.  Besides his illustrious music career as a founding member of Public Enemy, Chuck D leads the hip-hop generation into politics and on the airwaves with his nationally syndicated radio talk show On The Real

This lecture, which is free to the general public on a first come first serve seating basis, is surely going “to make everybody see in order to fight the powers that be“. So how can Webster be sure that it’s institutional walls won’t be shaken to the ground? According to this press release from Webster University:

Chuck D is known for delivering powerful messages about race, rage, reality and inequality. He has continued to push the envelope and deliver his messages through his best-selling autobiography, “Fight The Power.”…Through his lectures, Chuck D moves beyond rap music and discusses topics as diverse as politics, Internet file sharing and the state of hip-hop culture.

You might have already heard about the event, which will take place in the Loretto Hilton Center next Monday starting at 7pm (with doors opening at 6:15pm, giving you plently of time to bum rush the show). We just thought we’d remind you so that you can “kick the bass for them brothers, And let them know, What goes on.”  So yes, you can believe the hype.

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