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Recently a friend turned me onto a great design and interactive media blog known as abduzeedo. After perusing about the blog for a few days I’ve found it to be a great resource for anyone in the interactive media field. The blog was created and developed by Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian designer from Brazil. He and several other designers and photographers write about all things media related, from photography, design, and animation. The blog is a great source for tutorials that show you how to create interesting and innovative designs, but the blog provides other resources as well. Need to know where to find great CG textures? Want to know how to create the iphone interface? How about watching a game of human tetris? It’s all on abduzeedo.

Right now abduzeedo is running a contest where two people will be selected to win a copy of flashloaded.com’s newest product called 3D wall. 3D wall is a program that lets you create a three dimensional digital portfolio in Adobe Flash. Follow this link and comment in the post by May 1st and you may walk off with a fancy new piece of software. Or at least check out the site if you want to see the greatest font ever.
(PS, the image at the beginning of this post is one of the great designs I learned how to create by visiting abuzeedo.com)


Zia’s on the Hill

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Normally restaurant reviews are something I don’t normally do.  I feel compelled to though for the restaurant that I went to Friday night.

Although I’ve called St. Louis home for two years I had never experienced the Hill and the things it has to offer.  I never knew that there was an area of St. Louis that had so much red, white, and green.  The place of chosen interest for our evening was a restaurant known as Zia’s, a restaurant that has been around since 1984.

Zia’s is an Italian restaurant that tries to make you feel like honored guests instead of customers.  The entire night we were promptly attended to by a very polite server, although he forgot to bring butter when he served us bread.  What caught me was the aroma I got when I first sat down; it was as if I was in a house and I could smell our dinner already cooking.  The air was tantalizing with the smell of different pastas, which was very good, and the Cannelloni that I had was fantastic.  

Pasta is a food I don’t dabble in often, and it was fun to try something new. Unfortunately I felt like the food wasn’t adequate enough quantity wise to justify its cost.  The bill total was actually pretty decent for a nice meal for two, only about twenty-five dollars.  I just expect to get more when I pay more. Still my experience at Zia’s was a positive one and if you are in the mood for some great Italian, or a fun new place to take that significant other, then I definitely suggest giving Zia’s a try.  Being at Zia’s will feel like being right at home.

A new writer and Ferry Corsten

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Wait? Who is this? Has Hwy61 been invaded? Is the very fabric of our pleasant little universe unraveling!

No, it’s just a new writer. My name is Zach Haugen, and it’s very nice to meet everyone. I am one of the new writers here on Highway 61. If you’re interested to learn more about me please visit the author’s page, otherwise I just need to say thank you to Matt and the other writers for letting me express what it is that I do.

Wednesday night I got the opportunity to see Ferry Corsten live at Dante’s on Olive Street.The show was a rare 18+ event, and although the club isn’t my normal scene the chance to see Ferry Corsten was too good to pass. I was optimistic going into the event, but coming out of it, well one word sums up my experience seeing Ferry Corsten at Dantes……bass.

The level of bass was so high much that it vibrated the folds on my jeans and punched me in the stomach on every beat. Normally big bass is what attracts crowds to an event like this, but the bass last night was simply over powering. It was so consistently over bearing that it drowned out any melody that Ferry was probably playing. After about an hour all I could hear, besides the bass, was the same techno over and over again. Now I’m very sure that he was playing different songs the entire time, but it all seemed to drown together in a big bass ocean.

Seeing Ferry at Dante’s was still an interesting experience to say the least. The club is a scene I don’t find myself in much, and I met some very fun people while I was there. Still, I paid $20.00 to stand on a dance floor in my Pac-Man munchies tee-shirt having my rib cage throttled the entire night like I was a small child. Needless to say it was an experience I hope to not repeat anytime soon.


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