Chris Mauechris_maue_coffe_press

Chris Maue is graduate of Webster University’s Video Production program. In addition to being a filmmaker, technical wizard, and artist, he enjoys comics, cooking, well-made television, and having a few drinks with friends. He is obsessed with Coffee. Needless to say, he is up at all hours of the night searching for something new and interesting to do in St. Louis.





Lauren Kirkwood



lauren-kirkwoodLauren Adeline is a photographer and media madwoman who recently graduated from Webster University. She’s lived in Saint Louis for four years now, but still loves to get lost around the brick city buildings to find new or old arch-city treasures. Her favorite places include- The Royale, Tower Grove Park, New Roots Urban Farm and Global Foods Market in Kirkwood. Catch more of her writing at




Brian Vacek




brian-with-textBrian Vacek is a St. Louis film blogger and flight simulator computer scientist. When he isn’t writing on The Film Walrus he’s doing something equally nerdy, usually involving films, books or games. He likes to refer to movies as “cinema” and recommend obscure titles (painstakingly chosen) to people who don’t care. His favorite color is “A Zed and Two Noughts” (1985). Given the authority, he would do away with the letter C and replace it with K or S, according to context. When programming, which he does in binary, he dashes off 0s liberally and conserves 1s for boss battles.


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