Discover America Tonight at SLSO

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cdbigThis is a little bit last minute, but if anyone’s looking for something interesting and fun to do tonight, SLSO is continuing their ongoing Classical Detours series at Powell Hall, with tonight’s theme – Discover America.    Enjoy several pieces by American composers Bernstein, Copland, Rodgers, and even John Williams.      In SLSO’s own words: 

“No “Jingle Bells.” No “Rudolph.” The SLSO offers holiday relief.”


And, as always, the performance is prefaced with free beer sampling courtesy of Schlafly. 




Although it may be too late to use this info tonight, RFT vetran and current SLSO blogger Eddie Silva sent me this info on how to get FREE TICKETS to SLSO shows.    Read on:


50 Free Ticket Program:

The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra offers 50 free tickets to the public for all of its regular Orchestral concerts (except Coffee Concerts). To receive your free ticket you must have a 50 Free Membership Card. To get your card simply stop by the Saint Louis Symphony Box Office and sign up for your free card. The card entitles you to a free ticket to six  orchestral concerts per season. To redeem for your ticket, present your card and a valid picture ID at the Box Office window 2 hours before a valid concert.  Tickets will be handed out for 30 minutes or until all 50 tickets have been distributed.  Cards will be punched each time you receive a ticket. Tickets are given to valid free ticket card holders on a first come basis. One free ticket card per person per season.


Old News

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Looks like buyout Saint Louis’ most famous brewery isn’t news so much as recently reported news; see this video posted over 1 year ago for evidence. Those interested in learning more already have sources, and those still concerned have constructed another avenue of information. Otherwise, feel free to leave your own comment here (in place of our own comments).

Take a Clue from Mr. Magoo

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Who knew that Mr. Magoo’s favorite beer was made in the Saint Louis area? It might just explain why he’s always getting lost. In these retouched ads for Stag beer it’s clear they’re made from recycled cartoon spots. Yet with the new dubbing and the stenciled in Stag beer logo, these ads almost resemble more modern video mashups. In any case, it’s another creative local phenomenon for Hair of the Dog Mondays.

Non Return Glass Cans

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Hair of the Dog Monday continues, with this ad for Falstaff beer:

Contrary to this ad from a former St. Louis brewer, these bottles are now highly returnable.  Although you won’t get a return of deposit in Missouri or Illinois, please find out more about the recycling program in your neighborhood.

Upscale Bowling Downtown

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Matt and I went out to the Pink Flamingo Bowl on Washington Ave. last week, and were pretty impressed with what we found:

The place is pretty cool inside, with pink flamingos of various shapes and sizes adorning the walls, the bar, and several other places throughout the place – but somehow, Joe Edwards has managed to cover his new venture with pink flamingos – the very symbol of kitsch, and at the same time avoid a kitschy environment. The place is kind of classy, but relaxed feeling, and definitely aimed at the loft residents, people working downtown, and those with the common sense to avoid the overpriced bars closer to the stadium.

There’s 12 lanes of bowling with projection tvs (usually watching cartoon network when I pass by on my way to work) and surprisingly, the price of a game is about the same as any other bowling alley in town. Of course, you can rent out the lanes for an hour at a time as well (which on the weekend, wouldn’t be a bad idea, this place is usually PACKED Friday and Saturday).

Instead of the usual bowling alley fare, they have a pretty nice selection of sandwiches, appetizers, and pizza (at a fraction of the usual grease) and a well stocked (if upscale priced) bar. In addition to a pretty nice, moderately priced beer selection, they have an ever-changing selection of cocktails, and a list of aged rums as well. Of course, for me the crowning jewel at the bar was that they carry Lucid brand Absinthe (yes, real absinthe. Yes, it’s legal now. Yes, it’s actually real, google it if you don’t believe me), served in the french style at $9 a pop – now that’s a drink I don’t mind shoveling out some change for.

In all, it’s a pretty nice place if your downtown, and don’t mind spending a bit of money (but if you don’t want to lay down too much cash, they’ve got decent prices on pitchers of all your favorite st. louis beers as well). And as much as I’m downtown, I have a feeling this is going to become a new favorite spot of mine. (Hey, if it’s too pricey, they’ve also opened a new location of The Tin Can just down the street on Locust, and who can argue with that place?)

Here’s to you, St. Louis

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More than ever, in this campaign season:

Made in St. Louis, that means a lot to me. I give my best to you…

Happy Repeal Day!

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Mr. Ben raises a glass in your honor this holiday

April 7th, 2008 marks the 75th anniversary of the repeal of the 18th amendment, which prohibited the importation, distilation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States.  We would like to propose a toast on this holiday, led by former Highway 61 contributor Mr. Ben Stegmann, to our constitutionally protected right to consume beverages in which alcohol constitutes over .5% per volume.

As you might imagine the Saint Louis area was particularly impacted during the prohibition, which has already been well documented for anyone interested in learning the history of Saint Louis brewing.  Those interested in celebrating this milestone offline can do so at any local brewpub.  We have been made aware of at least one particular celebration tonight in the Schlafly Tap Room (aka Saint Louis Brewery), which will continue with a Beer Festival next Saturday.  Alongside Schlafly’s local brew, you can look foward to tasting assorted beers from Indiana, but it will cost you $25 for the revelry on Saturday April 12th from noon-5pm.

No matter how you chose to celebrate, we would like to caution those of legal drinking age to drink responsibly, lest we motivate another temperance movement and another prohibition.  Cheers.

Cod piece

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Within the last week my friend described Cod as the least desirable, most tasteless of all catch fish after seeing it on the menu of a local restaurant.  And considering that it’s the most likely fish you’ll see battered in beer and deep fried, that reputation would seem well deserved.  I’d like to be proved wrong.

Just such an opportunity to be proven wrong has presented itself within this same week, as the Schlafly Tap Room presents their Cod & Cask festival.  “You’ll believe in cod once you’ve enjoyed the talents of Icelandic Chef Hakon Oervarsson, who is flying in for the occasion,” promise the fine PR staff from the Saint Louis Brewery.  But in order to compliment an event that their would be understandable doubt in the power of this exceedingly affordable catch, Schlafly is offering Real Ale that is carbonated in the cask, hand pumped at the bar, and will be served at cellular temperature to compliment the fish and chips. 

And should the Icelandic experience alone not be authentic enough, award-winning musician Petur Ben and his band will be performing his unique sound straight outta Reykjavík.  They’ll be joined by local favorites Walkie Talkie USA on Friday night, and on Satuday night by Gentleman Auction House.  It’ll all take place from 5-12pm on Friday-Saturday February 8th and 9th, with Petur Ben (of “White Tiger” fame) playing a solo set this Thursday February 7th around 8pm.

So besides rethinking the least considered fish on the plate, we’re sure the servings of Icelandic flavor ought to catch your attention as they had ours.  Something is indeed fishy about Cod’s reputation (to say nothing about Iceland’s use of geothermal energy), so bring a friend this weekend and an open mind (or at least an open growler).

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