Happy 244th Birthday Saint Louis

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So it’s a little misleading to suggest that today, or Friday the 15th of February, is the official birthday of Saint Louis city.  Fortunately this isn’t a history blog, so we’ll accept the nit picking of dates like the  middle of the month Pierre Laclede sent his 14-year old stepson Auguste Chouteau in the winter of 1844 to build up the city grid on the banks of the levee.  Wikipedia be damned, because our research indicates this city was actually built on rock and roll.Concert Poster

So what better way to celebrate that tradition (and our blatant disregard for historical accuracy) that to rock that night, February 15th, starting at 8:31 pm until 1:00 am the next day with some of your favorite music.  And what better a place to celebrate our rich cultural history than in the City Museum, where they are still celebrating their 10th birthday all year long. 

Of course if the rock regalia of 7 Shot Screamers, The Monads, and DJ Mark Lewis doesn’t sound like your ideal birthday bash, you can always pick a brawl with the Arch Rival Roller Girls on the third floor Old Circus Space.  This is assuming that you’re over the age of 18, and/or over 21 birthdays past to toast the town with an adult beverage, in which case the show is free after paying ordinary admission to the museum (about $10).

Check the Highway 61 (revised) events calendar for this and other events you want to know about.


Fish bowl

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From the opening of Fishbone’s Performance at the City Museum on November 21st, lead singer Angelo Moore is seen here beginingg the set with some spoken word poetry. For this packed house, hungry for the 2+ hour performance to begin to begin, this would be the most this man was seen dressed.

It would seem that I have misplaced one of my flash memory cards full of that night’s ongoings, including a couple videos. But thanks to our old friends in the blogosphere, you’ll feel like you had personally been there all night (especially if you actually were). I’ve already detailed where you can find many of the night’s snapshots with FlickR, and now you watch not just a single performance, but two songs on LoFiSTL.com. And since they sort of had exclusive permission to videotape that night, I would probably check out what they put together.

Hi-fi, st lou is…

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Rock.  and Roll.  Sure, Detroit might be rock city, but St. Louis is a baseball town (and two time world champions over Detroit). This guitar seems to be the intersection between the two.  Go ahead and click to picture to get a larger view; no mistake, that’s Fredbird alright.

Seen here from a crowd perspective is the guitarist of local punks The Humanoids, who had the courtesy to open for Fishbone on Wednesday November 21st at the City Museum. It was a special night, which you can now relive with the online instant karma known as Flickr.  Tag your photos accordingly please!

Selling out (part 2) – Fishbone plays the City Museum

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Next on our concert calendar – Fishbone will have a special performance at the City Museum this Wednesday, November 21st at 8pm.  With limited seating the tickets might already be sold out, but we’ll try to stick out the $15 tickets to see these notable forerunners of Ska.  See you there!

You can keep up with the latest concerts, plays, events, and eronious ongoings in Saint Louis with the Highway 61 Upcoming events page, where you can keep track of your own events by adding them to your own calendar or just via RSS.  (There’s even things to do on Thanksgiving)

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