Dante’s Inferno

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If you’re asking yourself, to paraphrase the famous poem “I’m not even sure (where) I’m supposed to be here today?”, maybe this is your early morning call after you’ve rolled out of your bedroom closet.  The first annual Clerksfest will take place tonight, November 29th at The Moolah Theater & Lounge in Midtown St. Louis.

Along with double-feature screenings of Clerks at 9:30 and Clerks II around 11:30, guests will get their hand on door prizes like free commemorative shirt and autographed memorabilia.  You can strut your stuff in public for the Randal Walk contest, and Walt “Lon Chaney of the ’90s” Flanagan might be the model of at least 4 choices for the Look Alike contest.

What’s the matter – you don’t appreciate our ruse?  Clerks is indeed loosely based on the “Divine Comedy”, with short breaks representing the 9 levels of hell.  At least you’ll be doing good even if you feel like a dirty jizz mopper afterwards – If this event catches on, it might snowball (heh) into a series of screenings to help subsidize the purchase of land for a hostel in town.  And if you’re put off by the charitable ticket price, $25 online or $30 at the door, we suggest you leave change when applicable;  “Be Honest” you weren’t making plans (except for that hockey scrimmage) today anyway.


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