Film Geek – Saint Louis Int’l Film Festival

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Saint Louis International Film Festival

November 8-18 2007

‘Nuff Said.

(Check your local listings)

See you here, there, everywhere.


pick of the litter

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It’s no secret that local bloggers love that epitome of all that is seasonal in the neighborhood: the farmer’s market. Everyone is glad when their community can put together a farmer’s market that connects us to the land and to our neighbors, so it’s ironic that so many of our suburban friends who live closer to farms are often disconected from such venues. One such historic farmer’s market is Rombach Farm in Chesterfield Valley, which is most famous for offering everyone a chance to pick their own pumpkin from their patch every fall.

Seen here is Highway 61 contributor Lauren Reid, admiring the harvest season’s produce first hand. It’s part of a set of photos taken from our trip to find the perfect pumpkin from the 50+ acre pumpkin patch and the ensuing harvest revelry on a property that stood at flood plain level before Chesterfield Valley was just a sprawling shopping development.

Rombach Farms was a pretty big part of my childhood in semi-rural Glencoe (now Wildwood), with a summer farmers market within closer reach than Dierbergs. It was a trade off my family made of convience for the country, and I can still remember the year Rombachs was out of reach below the floodplain of 1993. Now their are rumors circulating that this might be the last year the market is open, just when such venues are needed in the supply chain of sustainable living. And while I cannot substantiate such rumors, any year has always been worth the extra trip back to the pumpkin patch this fall.

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