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chris using a Coffee Press (brought to you by WordPress)With the videos finally uploaded, and FlickR photostreams being populated, the internet can safely chalk up this last week as a success for Diggnation and Highway 61 – and a moral victory for everyone in Saint Louis who survived cabin fever.  Now that last week’s live taping of Diggnation has been released for public consumption, the world will once again rejoice in their ability to pass along valuable links to stories.  To celebrate the victory of hyperlinks we thought we’d pass along a few of our favorite stories from the past week (or so) for a recurring feature we call Links with Your Coffee.

And so next time you get snowed it, or just landlocked in Saint Louis, you can always warm up over some Links with Your Coffee.


Bring the Notes!

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Chuck DYeah boy! Chuck D is coming to Webster University this Monday February 25th, not just to Bring the Noise but also to Bring his Insight; you might want to bring your notebook to jot down a few notes.  Besides his illustrious music career as a founding member of Public Enemy, Chuck D leads the hip-hop generation into politics and on the airwaves with his nationally syndicated radio talk show On The Real

This lecture, which is free to the general public on a first come first serve seating basis, is surely going “to make everybody see in order to fight the powers that be“. So how can Webster be sure that it’s institutional walls won’t be shaken to the ground? According to this press release from Webster University:

Chuck D is known for delivering powerful messages about race, rage, reality and inequality. He has continued to push the envelope and deliver his messages through his best-selling autobiography, “Fight The Power.”…Through his lectures, Chuck D moves beyond rap music and discusses topics as diverse as politics, Internet file sharing and the state of hip-hop culture.

You might have already heard about the event, which will take place in the Loretto Hilton Center next Monday starting at 7pm (with doors opening at 6:15pm, giving you plently of time to bum rush the show). We just thought we’d remind you so that you can “kick the bass for them brothers, And let them know, What goes on.”  So yes, you can believe the hype.

A first poll, at last…

January 3, 2008 at 1:54 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Media | 4 Comments
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Primary season can seem a little lonely for those of us who are political junkies, in part because outside of DC, Iowa, and New Hampshire few other folks share our passion or needless understanding of the 15% rule in a caucus.  Indeed most years our breed are glued to our respective internet and television screens awaiting election returns, basking in the solitary glow of the monitor.  But you need not spend another election night alone, since The Royale will be host to the Young Democrats caucus party in which they’ll have their own drunken mock vote.

Not that you need to know much about the caucus process or be a card carrying Democrat (did any party ever hand out cards?).  I’d imagine even some Republicans are welcome to organize their own caucus mock-up tomorrow night starting around 8pm in this Tower Grove South hang-out frequented by the liberal elite of St. Louis.  As for us political junkies, unless you carry a certain fondness for C-SPAN (who usually put camera crews in the middle of sample caucus returns), you’re going to want to check out this shindig on Wednesday, January 3rd.  Quite frankly the whole idea of a caucus isn’t all that different from an actual party, especially in the case of the Democrats system. 

Just like a party people arrive at the event and quickly organize themselves into socially aligned clusters, and should some groups seem insufficiently popular (say less than 15% of the *ahem* party), they get a chance to make the rounds at the event and try out a second choice of groups.  You can come for the party, and stick around for the perks Iowans can’t enjoy – like non-judgmental stares and booze onsite.  But mostly because it’s a party, and we’re all invited; that’s democracy if I ever heard of it.

Review – Matt Blunt: Document Destroyer

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MBDDBy now you’ve probably heard about a flash game from the Missouri Democratic Party named “Matt Blunt: Document Destroyer” which serves equal parts parody and political communication.  You might have even played it or even passed along the link yourself.  So instead of providing a response to it’s political context (since there are enough blogs to cover that), we thought it might be appropriate to review the game as just that – a game review.  So I dug out my old issues of GamePro magazine, did a little extended play, and tried to give this game the objective analysis this exciting new kind of political communication strategy warrants.

Graphics – At first glance this game could be described as being realistic enough, using great photo scans of Governor Blunt over a fixed-perspective background, with an impressive use of scaling effects to give a depth to an otherwise boring background.  Boring might be the word to describe the cubicles that the governor pops up from, and although it might have been distracting it would have been nice to see some better detailed background.  And although it does limit load time and ensure greater compatibility, it would have been nice to throw in a few more frames of animation into what largely amounts to little more than Gubernatorial whack-a-mole.  Why introduce reaction shots that give the illusion of animation at all? 
Score: 3.5

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