Links with Your Coffee Sunday

November 18, 2007 at 5:03 pm | Posted in Coffee links, Matthew Hurst, stl | Comments Off on Links with Your Coffee Sunday
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Sunday remains a day of the week that peple take to civic matters, and civic content becomes prevelant of Sunday morning talk shows, expanded commentary and analysis in our newspapers, and for some in their places of worship.  No matter how use your civicly minded time, we thought we’d pass along this useful map our friends at the Wash U Peace Coalition (who you might remember from a student protest demonstration we mentioned previously). 

It might be of limited use based on your political affiliation, but whether you support the organizations visually organized here at least you’ll know where they are.   This easily bookmarkable collection of varied activism organziations and elected representative’s offices is an impressive use of Google maps for all your Sunday morning civics over a cup of coffee.


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