Film Geek Week – The Return

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Although the closure of the Hi-Pointe Theater has limited the options for great independent film in St. Louis, there are still plenty of great theaters and screenings of film to look forward to this summer. From the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase in July and the return of the Midnight Reel to the return of Frontyard Features in your own neighborhood and the Webster Film Series continung, there should be plenty more Film Geek Weekends to come. Here’s a preview of films this weekend:

  • So far we have yet to find anyone who would dare defy the appeal of Frontyard Features, who is expanding their operation this summer statewide including their own new film series in an act of “Defiance“. It all begins with that aforementioned film this Tuesday June 3rd at 9pm, and continues with the support of Cinema Saint Louis every other Tuesday night in June and July. The screenings will take place on the parking lot outside the Schlafly Tap Room, although the events will surely be BYOB for those that dare defy the appeal inside the brew pub.
  • Care for an encore performance from Frontyard? The performers of Rocky Horror Picture Show seem to relish every encore screening, and they’ll get another chance this weekend. On the lake stage outside Union Station on Friday June 6th around dusk (9pm?), you can expect people living out their dreams, just as fans of this cult film have for the past 30+ years. You can leave your wallet at home for this free show, although you will require an open mind for the uninitiated.
  • Instead of taking a camping trip to the humid backwoods of Missouri and Illinois, why not enjoy your campfire stories of the Ozarks like “Shotgun Stories” from inside the comfort of the air-conditioned Winifred Moore Auditorium.  This film about a feud between brothers ought to get your mind of your own feuds since you moved back in with your folks, as part of the Webster Film Series and will run Friday-Sunday June 6-8th at 8pm.  And though like camping there will be a fee to grab your own grounds, students can still get in for $4 (free for Webster University students).
  • (Insert a Caddyshack joke here.)  If you have picked out one such line, you’re probably interested in seeing a screening of the film this weekend.  As part of the Midnight Brew & View series at the Moolah Theater & Lounge catch this flick on Friday and Saturday June 6-7th at what other time but midnight.  For $6 it’s cheaper than a day on the course, and if you bring your boss to this flick you won’t have to fake your losing game or contend with turf destroying varmints.

If you’re alright, we’ll let you know about more screenings this summer as we learn about them.  Until next Film Geek weekend (Fin).


Happy Repeal Day!

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Mr. Ben raises a glass in your honor this holiday

April 7th, 2008 marks the 75th anniversary of the repeal of the 18th amendment, which prohibited the importation, distilation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States.  We would like to propose a toast on this holiday, led by former Highway 61 contributor Mr. Ben Stegmann, to our constitutionally protected right to consume beverages in which alcohol constitutes over .5% per volume.

As you might imagine the Saint Louis area was particularly impacted during the prohibition, which has already been well documented for anyone interested in learning the history of Saint Louis brewing.  Those interested in celebrating this milestone offline can do so at any local brewpub.  We have been made aware of at least one particular celebration tonight in the Schlafly Tap Room (aka Saint Louis Brewery), which will continue with a Beer Festival next Saturday.  Alongside Schlafly’s local brew, you can look foward to tasting assorted beers from Indiana, but it will cost you $25 for the revelry on Saturday April 12th from noon-5pm.

No matter how you chose to celebrate, we would like to caution those of legal drinking age to drink responsibly, lest we motivate another temperance movement and another prohibition.  Cheers.

Drinking Legally

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As you might have expected, Drinking Liberally will be meeting this Tuesday night March 4th to watch the primary returns in the Schlafly Tap Room.  They’ll be braving the weather since they are supposed to be lobbying in Jefferson City for some other causes, but they promise to make it eventually so that:

“Join us at The Tap Room to watch the results from Ohio, Texas, Vermont & that other state tomorrow- March 4th at 7PM! We’ll be in the north bar near the dart boards. There will be SuperFun door prizes and we will buy the first 10 people to show up a BEER!”

For readers of a more conservative stripe looking to get social now that John McCain is the de facto GOP nominee, you need not worry about being of legal drinking age when the Missouri College Republican Convention takes place in St. Louis next month.  Starting the afternoon of Friday April 4th and continuing through Saturday the 5th of April, these young conservatives will come to town eat pizza, trade notes, and gain valuable organizing advice in anticipation of this year’s general election in the fall.  According to their Facebook page:

“This year’s convention will be held in the Adam’s Mark Hotel in the shadow of the arch. We are very excited to have chosen St. Louis as the location of this year’s convention because of all the great attractions St. Louis has to offer, such as the Arch, Laclede’s Landing and Busch Stadium – all of which are just minutes away from the Adam’s Mark… After convention ends, kids are welcome to stay and hang out in St. Louis, however a hotel will not be provided Saturday night. But for those who want to stay, a place to sleep will be found.”

If you’re a local Republican, the event, which costs $20 to attend, will exclude aforementioned stay at the Adam’s Mark.  You might consider that the fiscally prudent action to take considering the substantial cost to stay there, so interested parties should take the principled stand of embracing the free-market value of those tickets.

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