(anti)Corporate Puppets

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Since last weekend one puppet show, a touring production of Avenue Q, moved on to the next town from a successful run at the Fabulous Fox Theater.  This upcoming weekend another puppet show intended for mature audiences will come into town, albeit of a more altruistic intentions than the corporate denizens of Broadway producers.  The Boxcutter Cabaret, who describe their pupper act as “a ragtag association of cardboard wigglers, horn tooters, meat chompers, and a bell-strapped human xylophone,” will put forth their activism-inspiring art in Saint Louis.  That show, which is being brought into our community through the Community Arts & Media Project, will play this Saturday March 1st, starting at 7:30pm.  Of course the show, which will “convey a general dissatisfaction with post-modern convenience and promote a return to old-timey difficulty,” might not be condusive to audiences that learn about their community through online magazines, so the $5 admission fee for adults need not suffice for a mention of where you heard about it *nudge*.

You’ll get another chance to shake your corporate puppet masters the next week as Codepink invades the Saint Louis area begining Wednesday March 5th through International Women’s Day March 7th. Maybe conquest is the wrong word for these people working to achieve social, racial, economic, and gender equality, in which egalitarianism seems within reach.  To help that happen they’ll host a round table discussion in Legacy Book and Cafe that Wednesday, followed by a seminar on Thursday March 6th in the Morris University Center Maple/Dogwood Room at SIUE.  The week is capped off that Friday the 7th with conquest of Washington University, when they’ll host an Actvist Training Campstarting at 9am (with refreshments from Black Bear Bakery) with a grassroots media workshop, continuing with peace art training from Laurie Meier, and culminating in an action workshop from Codepink/Global Exchange founder Medea Benjamin.  There they’ll shake the institutional shackles of that educational organzation whilst learning how to organize themselves without their puppet masters.


Strange Folk

September 21, 2007 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Art Show, Illinois, Matthew Hurst | 5 Comments
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People are strange, so don’t be a stanger at the Strange Folk  indie arts and crafts festival in O’Fallon Park this Saturday.  I haven’t been the most active neighbor and nearly forgot to write about this show, which will feature over 100 vendors unique projects involving things you can actually use;for examples this stuff is Readymade.  They even made a blog, but somehow slipped under my internet benabled radar.

If you’re into customized bags, lunch boxes, and DIY Ipod cases (among other things), you’ll probably find something like that only better while you’re there.  Those who need less crafty reasons to show up (besides the tote bag giveaway) might enjoy gnoshing down on some gyros and fresh fruit from Eckert’s while listening to DJ Mad Martian manning the turntable decks all afternoon.  Plus we hear they’ll be giving away stuff that isn’t just swag all afternoon.  And tote bags.

To say nothing of fine crafts!  It all takes place this Saturday, September 22nd between 10-6pm in O’Fallon Park (that’s in the IL, no MO), where faces come out of the rain.  And bring a friend, because “faces look ugly when you’re alone”.  And I’m pretty sure the show has nothing to do with the Doors.  Still, we should go.

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